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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Great Big Comforter Hunt

I have had my present comforter for at least 5 years....I am ready for a change. Since I have pink, light blue, and beige in my wallpaper (which I will never change...too much trouble); I have a rather small pallet to choose from. Since I have had pink and beige comforters I figure go for the blue. I had also seen a beautiful one from the corner of my eye somewhere while shopping with my daughter Gabby.

So yesterday, day after Christmas, I set out, coupons in hand, with a list:

I took my camera to document my search and if I can get this blog to insert the pictures the way I want them (a big if) you can shop along with me.

First picture Penny's....Chris Madden Comforter, shams, bed skirt Original Price $420 reduced to $199 minus $25 coupon.....this is looking promising and there are at least 4 king size in the store.
They also have some curtains that go well that can be ordered.

Next Picture Belk's candidate.... $249.....shams and bed skirt extra....have $25 Belk coupon and $15 gift card

I did explore Steinmart and Walm
art as well but did not take pictures....their offerings were not worthy to be in the running.

Please let me know which comforter YOU think I should buy!


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Anonymous said...

My first reaction would be to go with whichever one is cheapest, but I think you should go with the one you really love!

P.S. Thank you for sending the trash my way---delicious!