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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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These are my Scrabble "Peeps". On the left is Elizabeth Hodge, then me, then Eleanor Clark, and Peggy Peck.

Three Cokernuts and a Gamecock (that would be Elizabeth, our scorekeeper since Coker didn't teach Math (or at least none of us took it) and our Scrabble scores are so very high (not) you need an advanced degree to add them. Or at least have a few brain cells left that help you remember to WRITE DOWN THE SCORES....

Elizabeth is working on this skill....she does forget quite often which necessitates remembering who made what word twenty minutes ago and what the score was. We would fire her, but none of us wants the job; it is like the Supreme Court, a position for life, you can't get out of it except by dying and she is not ready for that. (yet)

We meet every few weeks at Peggy's house. We take turns bringing dinner. I would say cooking dinner but several of us rely on our husband's culinary talents (that would be me) our mother-in-law's cake baking talents (that would be me) or Little Caesar (that would be the Elegant Eleanor.

Elizabeth cooked last night. Brunswick Stew like you have never had in your life.....Yummo second helpings all around. AND a chocolate roll (Chocolate cake filled with REAL whipped creme and rolled like a jelly roll and covered with delectable chocolate icing.) Even my mother-in-laws lemon filled cake could not top this creation.

I so wish I had taken a picture BEFORE we completely demolished it!

On to the Scrabble Game. Eleanor ALWAYS wins; I am usually second and Peggy has come up and now beats Elizabeth regularly. I look for her to bump me out of second place. I will lead the whole game and then Eleanor puts a 35 point word on the triple word and leaves me in the dust.

But the most fun is the social interaction between the four of us. We are all in different "circles" so we all bring something different to the Scrabble table. We laugh continuously the whole night. We do not drink anything alcoholic (or even coffee or caffeine in any form) so it is not an artificially induced hilarity. It is pure fun and the joy of being sixty-five (Peggy finally reached this milestone January 30th....the youngest person in our class of 1965.)

So all you youngsters out there reading this.....hang in there.....the BEST times of your life are ahead....!!!


Kimberly said...

I do look forward to fun times with my friends!

I love Scrabble. When I visited my cousin in South Korea we played Scrabble one afternoon and her Korean husband wanted to join in. Georgy and I were trying hard and coming up with fairly decent words and then Jin-hong would put down "top" or "pat"...he was doing really well considering his level of comfort with English, but we were just killing was seriously one of the funniest situations I've ever been in. He didn't care and we were trying to beat each other, not show him up, but the absurdity of it all was just too much...she and I laughed so hard that day...

Anonymous said...

So the fun really begins at 65? Yay! More of life to look forward to! I think you and your Scrabble buddies are cool.

We bought Scrabble a couple of years ago and it has really helped Peter with his spelling.

YankeeQuilter said...

My husband is a linguist and so routinely murdered me in scrabble the game box now has a rather respectable layer of dust on it! However if I found some friends who brought desserts like that I could handle the embarrassment of not being able to spell!

Kimberly said...

One handmade item, yes indeed! I have been slow getting my project done, so I am going to need to full time before our proposed mailing date of March 1. I'm on track for that. Can't wait!