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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Small Town Girl

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I ran across this newest history of Darlington County while working at the library the other day. I of course immediately checked it out (don't try this at is a REFERENCE BOOK).

I had a great time reading it; seeing if I recognized any one I knew or remembered any of the places written about (I did.) I have also taken it to my neighbor who is a great local history buff.

Then I went to hairdresser yesterday and in walks an old friend I haven't seen in a couple years, Catherine Pate. She like I had gone to a "strange" hairdresser, while Susan Mullis was recuperating with her broken arm. Now we were both in the shop for repair work. So while Susan's daughter Tonya worked on our hair we got caught up on family and friends we have in common.

For the benefit of Gabby, one of my three readers, I will report that Rhonda and Marty's daughter Bracy is a Sophomore at Clemson on full scholarship majoring in architecture. Their son, whose name I've forgotten, has finished Ringling School of Art and is a video game inventor in Troy, New York.

It was such fun and exactly what I love about living in a small town.

Oh, and Monday at the library two former students came in and I got to get caught up on their lives. I was a proud librarian bragging about how MY former students are STILL readers :)

They even checked books in and videos...."no siree, Bob Tail Jack" as my Grandmother in law used to say.

And below you will see the result of the hair repair. Of course, if I stay with this color, I will have to change my whole huge wardrobe to autumn colors......hmmmmmmm.

What do you this a keeper?


Kimberly said...

Oh, I like! However changing your hair color would be a whole heck of a lot cheaper than changing your entire wardrobe :)

Gabby said...


You look 10 years younger!

What else can I say?

Donnamo said...

Wow, ten years think I should go DARKER??? Will that erase another ten years?

Will call Granny immediately about wardrobe update!

Sallie said...

No darker. then you will look 10 years older. It does look good. What color is that, cause my monitor won;t really tell me. when ypu said "autumn colors" it scared me a little.

Donnamo said...

The color is an amalgamation of about 5 colors....first I had it "frosted" professionally but not by Susan. I thought that was too brassy so I toned it down with some stuff I had. Then that was too grey so I had Curtis apply some blonde Loving Care. Then Tonya toned that down. Then this week TOnya reverse frosted it (Pulled through strands and colored them brown.) So stay tuned next month we'll see what we do. (I do mentally agree dark is aging but Brenda Chapman and Donna Tucker wear it well.)