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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Swap continued

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Is it me, or can the rest of you bloggers manage to edit your post after it has been saved in draft form. Call me techno nerd but I cannot seem to manage that; therefore, I am forced to take two blogs to show pictures and say something.

What? You think it is God telling me not to "say" anything; impossible! God didn't give me this big mouth and two hands and expect me not to talk and type.

Anyway, the pictures above are two of the five I took of the art card/book my friend Kimberly sent me in my first art swap. It is very cool; it would be cooler if you could see five different pictures instead of 3 with two of them being the same....but the blog just won't cooperate =evil sneer on my face.

She very kindly explained in her accompanying letter that she has been saving interesting images for a long time and she went through them and made a book just for me. The back of it is really cool and I may make a 3rd blog to show it tomorrow after I am over this snit.

Thank you Kimberly for inspiring me; I'm starting to go through my magazines and save some images myself for future projects. By the by...where did you get the copper "card stock"??? Very cool!


Gabby said...

Love the art swap.

Meant to say, no Kaminskys, they did not have any of his fav's. So we drove to Krispy Kreme and got HOT donuts and HOT coffee for less money and MUCH better taste. We even brought the kids some back!

Donnamo said...

OHHHHHHH, hot Krispy Kremes and coffee.....Yummo!