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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weight Weight Don't Tell Me!

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I love Saturday NPR Radio. Click and Clack, This American Life and Wait, Wait Don't Tell me!

I just couldn't resist using the homophone for my title.

I guess after last Unfashionable Friday Shopping no Buying Spree (can that even be called a spree???? I guess not :( ) I have been thinking, maybe even obsessing about my weight.

My weight is the same it has been for at least five years.....I keep meticulous records.... I weigh almost every day and once a month I write down my measurements. These records date back to 1979 if there is ever a doubt I was once relatively thin..... I have documentation. And if you don't trust my records.....Weight Watchers has a file on me dating back to 1973 when I began the battle of the bulges in public after having my Baby Girl.

I "lost" (a misnomer if ever there was one) 50 pounds with Weight Watchers and went on to be a "Lecturer" for the organization. Supposedly you had to keep your weight within 5 pounds of goal to be a lecturer. As I palled around with the other lecturers, I learned that was so NOT true.
Basically, if you know your stuff and people will pay good money to come to your will not be fired. The rumor at the time was that the franchise owner for SC had gained a MILLION pounds and was never seen in public. Truthfully, I never saw him myself....but he could have been in Tahiti or Monte Carlo with the gazillion dollars WW was making for him.

At any rate, back to my wait, wait.......I somehow got in denial I am fat. Don't tell me I'm not....I've got the XLG clothes and bra to prove it.......I don't know how I missed those clues myself :(

So I went back to the Y yesterday and joined. It's been ten years since I went every morning at 5:30AM before going to work. I still can't believe I not only did that but enjoyed it....

I remembered that old definition of insanity, you know the one, "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results."

Running and eating kinda light was not going to budge a pound or an inch of flab......

Here's hoping exercises WILL tighten "things" up a bit.....okay a lot......

See 'ya.....I'm off to the Y!


Anonymous said...

Peter was so glad that you came to his game last night! We won 10-9! Peter didn't get to bat again but he saw a lot of action in left field. Thanks again for coming. It was very thoughtful.

Gabby said...

YOu can do it Mom! Exercize it off, and tell daddy to hold back on the biscuits!