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Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Bubba

Hit Counter I forgot to mention one of the things I am most proud of about my Bubba. At the height of his profession (I mean he was driving a Beamer provided for him by his OBGYN practice) he tossed it all and went west to work at the City of Faith in Tulsa Oklahoma. Yep, that was the hospital that Oral Roberts built so that people from all over the world could come and be treated with faith and medicine.
My family and I went to visit one Christmas. I was so impressed. I had been a Christian since 1971. I am not sure when my brother accepted Christ but I had noticed definite signs during the previous five years or so. He began leading the choir at his very evangelistic Presbyterian church in Kempsville, Va. Reading his Bible. You know the signs.
Bubbette was on board with all of that....but selling their house and moving to Tulsa....not so much. (Both our families had been on the East Coast FOREVER; they had three teenagers....hello this is not the time to sell all and follow Jesus to some City of Faith.) I think she drug her feet two or more years before she followed Bubba there. BUT, dear readers, she will tell you now, IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER!
As you probably know, unless you live under a rock....the City of Faith did not last. Oral overestimated people's willingness to leave their families to go to Tulsa to receive medical care; even if it was Christian Medical Care. I think, (and these are all MY opinions and not those of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association OR my Brother) Oral over estimated Christan's willingness to give money to provide this care for others.
BUT that does not mean that it wasn't a GREAT idea or that my brother wasn't supposed to go there. I remember visiting the pharmacy at the City of Faith and seeing the pharmacist pray over the prescriptions as he gave them to the patients. Well.....DUH....what a great IDEA is that....and why don't we do that over our own medicines????
So hat is still off to left your fishing net in Virginia Beach and took off for Tulsa in obedience to what you felt the Lord was calling you to do......and that is ALL God asks of any of us! I'm so proud of to call you MY BUBBA!
PS....Now you know why Mom and Dad called my Walter Wenchel....if I know it....I tell it (and not always holds barred.

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Gabby said...

I think it's the leaps of faith that actually define the depth of our faith! Way to go Bubba for following God's lead. No matter how it turned out.
And I notice they are now BACK in the East Coast!
I am so glad God is still n the healing business! What a cool place, though!

Anonymous said...

Bubba's faith is awesome. What a cool place. I'd not heard of it before.

I've enjoyed this two-post character portrait of your brother. Now, my assignment for you is to post about all the other members of your family!

Thanks for the ideas to help me get over my writer's block. I'm still struggling with it. That's one reason I started blogging, to stay in relatively frequent practice of writing. I'm going back to school soon, via the net, I need to stay in practice!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I just thought of an author that you will absolutely adore---Philip Gulley! He is a Quaker minister who writes about a "fictitious" Quaker minister in a "fictitious" little town called Harmony. I promise you will laugh out loud while reading these books. There are quite a few of them. Make sure you start with the first one and read them in order. The Hville library has them all.