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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Scavenger Hunt

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I went to the grocery store today. I don't mean I ran in and picked up a loaf of bread.
I took a list that had been building a week and did a major grocery shop.

Now for most of you that is an every week thing. Not me. Since I retired from teaching five years ago, Hubs (to use Kimberly's word) aka Curtis has been doing all the major grocery shopping. I think he loves it; and I have learned to tolerate not being in control of the groceries and the money that is spent on it.

It is good to go once every five years; it makes me appreciate him going :)

While I was crisscrossing the aisles at our Super Walmart, checking my list, looking for items that I have coupons for, AND trying to remember what was on the left hand side of the Eat This Not That Book brought home from the dawned on me, after 55 years of grocery shopping (minus the five years Curtis has done it) is a Scavenger Hunt!

Once in a very great while I have been a part of a Scavenger know, someone gives you a list of things to find and you have a limited amount of time to round them up. The team that gets back with the most items in the shortest time with the most items... WINS! (That means YOU get to load them in the car, unload them and put them away...wooHooo!

Well, I consider myself a winner because I got out off the store with all but 3 items from my MEGA LIST and I got back change from my $100 bill. How much change? $1010.00

Boy, I couldn't wait to show my husband the cash register receipt.

Of course, it was a mistake but it sure was fun for a nano second. I mean I could get in Guinness Book of World Records....coming out of a SuperWalmart with $1,010 in CHANGE.

Did I mention I bought NO MEAT for that $90 (Oops, no meat except 2 pkgs of Ball Park All Beef Hotdogs that are a part of my husbands daily diet). No paper products! No cosmetics (unless you count toothpaste) No Clothing..... No Vegetables..... No frozen food......No Fresh Food.....No cookies, chips, or crackers!

Women of the world unite....we've got to make this grocery shopping FUN somehow.

So see if you can guess what those 31 items I bought were..... and I'll think up a prize for the person what gets the most items correct.


Anonymous said...

Is this a guessing game? And, if so, do we win a prize? :)

Methinks you bought cereal, bread, canned fruit, and light bulbs!

Gabby said...

Toliet paper, coffee, papertowels, milk, eggs, cheese, cleaner, oatmeal, splenda, tea bags, fruit, and maybe a huge gift for your beloved daughter who has been having a hectic week preparing for her training?
Am I close?
I also think you may have bought dog food. Or rawhide treats for Scout.
And maybe some form of nut. Yogurt. Cottage cheese. OJ, this is kinda fun. If you didn't buy bacon I am shocked you are married to Dad.
I am pretty sure that you bought some kind of cheapo laundry detergent. Who am I kidding, that has to be 200. bucks. Razors. Shampoo>

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for visiting my site.

(reading previous post from Gabby)

Re grocery shopping - I have improved MY efficiency by making my own laundry detergent ( ala $10.00 savings!, and no more plastic containers to dispose of.) A number of bloggers have tried it, and "We like it!" I was just irritated at all the booKoo varieties, tricking us into purchasing yet another "I promise you this" or "that". Thought Mr. Greenjeans might appreciate making his own - very easy.