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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Animal Rescue

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I am an animal lover. Not quite as over the top as my daughter who brought home a dead opossum in her arms held upside down when she was about four. She could not also watch any movie where an animal was scolded, punished, or hurt in any way. The Horse Whisperer, no way. The one where the dog travels a gazillion miles to get back to his family, nope not that one. I would sit there and say....."it is not real, honey....they are not going to hurt, animals that are worth a million dollars, it is called acting.....and this was when she was twenty years old (just kidding....she was eighteen)

But I have always had at least one dog. Sometimes a dog and a cat. Sometimes a dog, a cat and a parakeet. Sometimes, a dog, a cat, and two baby opossums. Curtis and I began married life with Shep his English Shepherd who was about 13. Shep could throw a 500 pound bull in his prime. He also fathered quite a number of pups in our community without benefit of marriage I might say. Shame on you Shep.

Then we got Doodles, a young Shep, just in case Shep passed on (which he did) about the only dog we had that died of natural causes. Right under the bush by our back steps. Then we had Puff, a Peek-a-Poo, our first "child". He had a pacifier when our twins came a long. He swang (?) swingged(?) rode in their wind up swings just like they did. Then one day he felt the call of his testosterone and went a wandering. We cried, we prayed, we advertised a $500 reward (that would be $5,000 in today's dollars). We promised to get him a wife and a steak.

Lo and behold he did come back on his own and we kept our promise. He did not keep his. Its hard to keep a dog down on the farm after he's been off following female in heat if you get my drift. Months later we found his little skeleton in one of the big ditches at the back of our place.

I could go on and on. There was the Pekingese. The English Sheepdog (not a good idea on a farm with cockle burs) many bird dogs, my brother's dog Taco, Tinie the overweight long haired dashund, Vickie the toy Manchester Terrier and Scout the present Love of our lives, a Rat Terrier who has NO INTEREST in rats or mice.

All this to say. I see the rescue animals on tv and in the paper and I do want to bring them home but I know I can't because my husband and I go hither and you doing house sits and our son keeps Scout (in return for us babysitting our grandson). I don't think he wants to keep more than one fact I'm pretty durn sure he doesn't.

BUT I saw this brother and sister sitting forlornly.....looking at me like.....please take us.....and I just couldn't resist .....even though my husband HATES cats (sorry cat lovers but it is true).
Ta Dah.....our newest family members we are taking suggeting for names!

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Anonymous said...

You had me going there! I really though that you had adopted a new cat duo. The artsy ones are nice, too!

Allow me to make an argument for how great cats are. I like dogs OK, but I LOVE cats. Cats can easily be left at home when you go on a trip. For a couple of days, cats are fine if you leave them plenty of food and water. If you're gone longer than that, you can just have someone check on and spend about 20 minutes with them every few days.

Have I talked you into a new pet yet? :)