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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Prodigals Wander Back "Home"

Yesterday Darling Daughter Human and Fur Children swooped in from the Rocky Hills to leave one fur child with us before leaving on vacation....destination unknown (by the children). Hopefully, the adults do know :)

This is Grandson #2 with new puppy Cooper. It is a Viznew (or some such breed) is the breed Clifford the Big Red Dog is purported to be. If you could see his tail, you would be a believer; we are praying this guy does not achieve the height of Clifford for obvious reasons.

His stay with us was very......entertaining and alarming. Alarming for our dog Scout, who already has to put up with Libby the daschund who is staying with us... and has emptied Scouts food bowl twice in 24 hours and then emptied her stomach on my carpet :( (Yes, we try to keep the food up away from Libby, but she is very alert to anything being placed in the bowl and Scout does need to eat sometime. Unlike Libby, Scout is svelte. Libby is taking on the dimensions of our dear departed long haired daschund, Tinie; a misnomer since she came to resemble a watermelon prior to her demise)

This would be #2 Granddaughter who is a......drum roll....cheerleader! Already has 3 weeks of practice under her belt and the football team hasn't even met for practice. She was on her elementary school squad last year BUT THIS YEAR Her Brother, (Pictured Above) will be PLAYING on the FOOTBALL TEAM. This is over an above all his parents objections that is is too thin and too tall and too likely to be killed. He is a scrappy boy and a fast runner and we are betting he will survive; Lord knows he has been wanting to do this since birth; despite the fact he is already an awesome soccer player.

This Granddaughter #1 AND Grandson #3... they came two hours after daughter left to spend the night etc... Gates and Hannah are sports fans as well (Don't blame me) so we had a baseball game and a golf game before 9 am this morning. (along with showers and baths and grits and cheese and books and babies and school and everything else WE played before 10 am)

This is Darling Daughter and her lunch plate after she had had a few mouthfuls. In case you can't tell, those are ten slices of tomatoes piled on top of butter beans, Granny rice, pork chops,
cucumbers and vinegar, cornbread and cantaloupe. She topped this off with fresh homemade peach cobbler with ice cream on top.
Do we kill the fatted calf for our prodigal girl or what?
I tell her to enjoy it; once you are our age Nobody cares what your favorite meal is. You are lucky to have them cook for you. :)

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Anonymous said...

Darling daughter is indeed lucky to get that favorite meal! I ran into Granny C. at Wal-Mart last week and she made a point of telling me how Gabby was stopping by briefly for a meal!

Oh, won't the kids be surprised reach their destination! Exactly when will they find out? Will they be blindfolded and such?