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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Six Blessings of Old Age

The whole "famdamly" (as my father would say) was here for Thanksgiving. We did get a picture of the whole clan including Granny but we are saving this for our Christmas card.

Front row has Wayne's daughter, Hannah age 10 and Connor Watt's, Ashli's son age 10,
Back row has Megan, Todd's daughter age 8, Caitlin Watt's age 8, Gates, age 3, Wayne's son, and Michael, age 11, Todd's son.

If you are mathematically inclined you will note we had a grand child every 6 months for four years and then a long five year pause before our boy Gates burst on the scene. Being the youngest, he is every one's darling.

Thankfully, they all enjoy each other and look forward eagerly to holidays when they get to be together.

Truly, the Lord has been good to us and I count family and friends at the top of my list.
How about you?

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Anonymous said...

What fun to have so many cousins close together in age! Great photo. You are truly blessed.