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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Five Dog Christmas

This is our oldest living Granddog, Libby, who of course came to Nana and Pop Pop's for Christmas.
This is me, Caitlin, my wonderful Grandaughter, and Princess, Her Royal Highness, Rita's dog.
In the foreground, is the lovely purple flower pin cushion Caitlin and I had just completed.

This is my daughter, Ashli, Libby and Caitlin's mother, with our dog Scout.

This is Charlie Chapman, being held by his new owner, Granddaughter Hannah. Charlie is a Bis hon Fri she puppy. Hannah's parents, are seated beside her. Our son Wayne and wife Niki.

This is Cooper, The Big Red Dog. Ashli and Marty's "puppy". He is a Vizsla.....the same breed as Clifford, The Big Red Dog......for all you picture book readers out there in blog land.
Cooper was very excited about Christmas.....especially Scout, Princess and Charlie. He has had a hard time deciding between Scout and Princess as a girl friend. They however resist his advances to put it mildly. He just cannot understand why these little dogs find him frightening.
I however enjoy waltzing with him; he is just the right height for me AND he has already had dance lessons from Caitlin. He excels at waltzing. He also likes joining me one the commode. The nickname for this breed is THE VELCRO DOG. I understand that name completely.
If you haven't had a "Five Dog Christmas" you just don't know what you are missing!

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