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Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is our friend Jon Cook. Jon was wounded in Viet Nam and became a paraplegic when he was 26 years old. He is now seventy. He and my husband played opposing teams in high school football and ended up at Coker College together. Their birthdays are 7 days apart; a celebration Jon never forgets to remember. He also always sends us a live flower arrangement at Christmas.

A few months ago a college friend who dated Jon back in the day notified me she hadn't gotten any emails from Jon in a while and was concerned. Hubs called around Kershaw, Jon's home town, til he found out Jon was in the Veteran's Hospital in Augusta and we were able to call him.

He has now been there six months. He went for pneumonia but due to nursing neglect he got a bedsore that has been V E R Y slow to heal. All he wants from Christmas is to go home. He is hoping for Easter. How about pray for Jon and the other Vets who are there. Most of them do not get visitors a caregiver told me.

This is a lounge in the hospital...the people lounging by the tree were workers.

Granddaughter, Hannah gave her first performance as a flautist. She is the beautiful girl in red. We were asked not to take pictures during the performance which explains why she is not playing in the picture :)

This is Charli Moore the Artistic Director at Hannah's school, King's Academy. We met Charli when she returned to Hartsville in the 80's and met and married Frank Moore. C even assisted in their wedding.
Charli has a gorgeous soprano voice (and a lovely spirit and personality) and she sang from Phantom of the Opera at our son Wayne's wedding. Now she is his daughter's music teacher. God is Good.....All the Time!
So those are a few things we have been up to this week. What have you folks been doing?


Gabby said...

Since we talked earlier you know it is along list: working, schooling, someone's FIRST professional haircut at a real, fancy salon (it is so cute btw), Cooper had some things removed (ahem), hubby on crutches, and a whole lot of running around.
Not sure I did anything as meaningful as visiting Jon was, but I did work in helping take a meal to a woman in our class who is on baby bed rest for 4 months and has a 4 year old (BLESS HER)!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your friend Jon and all the others. Glad he has good friends like y'all to check on him.

We're busy, busy with parties and play practice (Children's Christmas play tomorrow at 6pm----Right after the party at 4:45p. Peter has a speaking part.) and basketball starts next week. Still have more shopping to do. Oh, yeah, getting used to a new baby (puppy) in the house.