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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hie Me to a Nunney!

Yesterday Oprah's program was about nuns in a convent near Chicago. Reporter Lisa Ling was allowed inside with Oprah's camera crew to interview and document convent life. Then some of the nuns and The Mother Superior appeared live on Oprah to talk candidly about the vocation that they have chosen.

I have decided to become a nun. Knowing my spiritual diligence I know you are not surprised. Nor is my husband. He who knows me best, next to God is all for it. (I am waiting for God to weigh in.)

Things you may not know about nuns in 2010.
  • The average age at this convent is 26
  • They take a vow of personal possessions to clean, insure, or take care of.
  • They take a vow of chastity....not a biggie at age 66 nor obviously at 26.
  • They sing a lot starting at 5:30AM....I am a morning person and a big fan of worship music
  • Some other nuns make the meals.....just like home with a Mom
  • They play field hockey in their gym.....I played field hockey in high school and college
  • They have tv but don't watch it much (I am sure Oprah is allowed and only tv shows)
  • The Mother Superior has a Blackberry which she keeps with her at all times (along with her prayer book) if it is an emergency my family can contact me through her.
  • Everyone wears the same outfit and no makeup.....I am all about being REAL....especially if everyone else fashion dye.....worry over double chin, fat or aging!
  • Quiet from 8PM til 5 talking at all.....I love me some quiet and I already go to bed at 8. Not a problem.
  • My own room.......enuf said.... I need me some alone time EVERY day.
  • You get to pick your own name.....I am toying with Nancy Neater Nun and Lucy Laughing Nun

I am wearing the habit as in the picture above to try this out. I forgot and put on lipstick...I will do better tomorrow.

Any body want to go to the convent with me? The Lord knows.....I am NOT truly sounds great to me.......but then so did three foster children added to my own three.

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