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Monday, March 15, 2010

Housesit in Heaven

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Hey, that is a cool idea! I wish God WOULD let us (anyone who is game) do housesits in heaven. I bet we would come back here with new enthusiasm for the joy that is before us if we accept Jesus as our Savior.

Since I haven't been offered a housesit THERE I took one for the closest thing to heaven THAT I KNOW ABOUT!

We are on a 75 acre estate/nature preserve near Hopkins, SC. There is a gorgeous lake in front of the house with four black swans.....a swimming, two canadian geese, a mating, and a lone feathery looking goose whose breed I can't remember. His mate succombed to something a while back and he is trying to mate with the two mallard decoys. Unsuccessfully I needn't add.

In addition there are two house cats, Bogie and Wheezie. Oh, and a feral mom cat and her kitten the owner is trying to tame so she can become a pet.

There is a greenhouse, a huge art studio, an organic garden.....Lovely!

Our daughter, Gabby, and family came down Sat and spent the night. It is hard to know which of all the above the kids loved the most. Yesterday they fished and fished and fished.....everyone caught about 16 bass or bream a piece (excluding Gabby and Donnamo who cheerfully sat in the swings and chairs and just enjoyed the day together.)

Kids have never had a cat so they were very entranced by B&W. So much so that grandson's eyes swoll shut....a cat allergy perhaps????? Not to worry all members of my family carry medicine for any possible calamity.

Another favorite thing of everyones was watching the raccoons come to feed at night. Owner feeds them and sofollowing her directions we put out the peanuts (in the shell) she said are their favorite food. She has spotlights trained right on their "feeding area" so we could watch Discovery Channel right out the window.....a total of 6 racoons appeared at one time....we noticed they have a pecking order like racoon had to eat last!

One more totally cool thing......Owner is an artist and has the most gorgeous art work and artifacts all around this magnificent house. I will take pictures to show later but the laptop they left me will not accept my camera's memory disk.
Just picture me and hubs happy and relaxed :)

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