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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Play Date for Ethel

This is Ethel's American Girl Doll and her Toni doll having a chat before the AG goes to work on her latest book.
Don't you love the doll sized roll top desk and tiny typewriter!

This is her collection of McDonalds dolls. The photos are of two of her four grand daughters who like to play with them when they come.

This is Lucy and her Vogue bride doll. She is lovely! All the vintage dolls wear girdles. ( For younger readers a girdle is what all females wore to hold their stomachs in in lieu of underpants.)

Yesterday, I had a play date with Lucy (aka Rita). You would have thought we were ten something instead of sixty something as we looked over her newly purchased vintage dolls and doll clothes. She has been an avid Ebay customer for the last few months.

The dolls above are Ginny dolls. I especially love the one in the turquoise dress. That dress is so fifties. I am sure my Mother had it in a slightly larger size :)

This is the Ginny bride doll. Again the dress style is so 1950's. I think my sister-in-law, Diane, wore this in a slightly larger size :)

I did have Ginny dolls myself.....but alas I don't know where they went. I have all my other significant dolls. I guess I need to do a post about them! But where o where did my Ginny doll go?

Rita has just finished making these awesome placemats to match her china and silverware. It is hard to tell but the silver has fish handles; how cool is that.

If there are any sewers reading this....Ethel and I have formed a company called "Galloping Horse, Ltd." We are selling the templates you need to make these way cool placemats. ($8 plus shipping)

Ethel made Frogmore Stew for me! Yummo! For the uninitiated there are no frogs in it (Maybe it should be called Frogless Stew!) It does have shrimp, sausage and corn on the cob! There was also delicious fruit salad shown in the placesetting picture.

You never get too old for playdates or lunch at a friends :)

Had any playdates lately?

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