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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walkaway Jury

Doesn't quite have the same sound as Runaway Jury, Huh?

Mary Bailey over at Bell, Whistle, Moon.....or is it Dog, Gun, Coon ??? Gave me the idea to post on my experience at Jury Duty.

I LOVED being called for Jury Duty when I was teaching. A day off without kids in a classroom....where do I sign up? But they always dismissed us after going through all that hoopla that goes with a trial. It made me think NO ONE goes to trial.....every one cuts a deal.....not a good thought.

But after I retired....BINGO....I get picked AND named Foreman of the Jury. No it isn't called Forewoman or Foreperson.....I guess the legal system is politically incorrect.

The case was about a woman who was taking her daughter to a softball game here in Hartsvegas and discovered her daughter didn't have her shorts. So they flew through the Walmart parking lot to quick pick up some and BANG she hit a Camero that was backing out.

You would have thought she was the uni bomber to listen to the prosecution. But the defense was equally good. The prosecution had big screen size maps of the parking lot....showing her position and the car (and every thing else in the Walmart parking lot). There where life size photos of the Camero etc...

The Camero guy was suing her for a year's worth of Chiropractor care...and alienation of affection because he was unable to s--ew his wife during the year. Even though his wife got pregnant during that year making it a hard sell.

The defense pointed out Camero Kid climbed out of the car window like an acrobat seconds after the "crash". No jaws of life were involved. And apparently no back injury....hum....

When we went to the jury room to deliberated an AfroAmerican said, "I think we should give him a million dollars" and I thought "oh no I am going to be sequestered with these bozos all weekend because I am not going for that." It was Friday afternoon.

Fortunately, after everyone said their opinion....we were able to agree to $2,000 to pay for some of the chiropractor care and leave the building at 5:02 PM.

I never drive in the Walmart Parking lot that I don't think about this case....I go down the down aisles and up the up aisles and NEVER cut through the parking lot horizontally. I do not want to end up on LA Law or even Darlington County LAW. Let this be a lesson to you.

Any jury stories you want to tell? Come on....give it up!

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Atir said...

They have never ever allowed me on a jury. I have been called 3 times. I sometimes dont even make it up to the Judge before the lawyers call out excused.