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Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Old Virginny

 We spent the last few days up Nawth in Poquoson, Virginia at the lovely waterfront home of our good friends Linda and Bill Pearson.  I went to college with Linda back in the day and we remain good old Cokernuts. 

Linda and Bill have been married 45 years.  They went all through school together until college and started dating in fourth grade.  That means they went to the afternoon movie together each paying for their own admission and popcorn.....twenty-four cents each.
 Saturday night they had two other couples over for a down home good time reminiscing the good old Coker Days.  The gentleman to my right is JUDGE Louie Lerner.  Let me tell you he has some tales to tell about the cases he hears in his courtroom nowadays.
 This is Jim and Mary Elese Krebs.  Jim is a retired Army man who still does his PT every day AND rides his bike.  Although coming up on eighty he takes NO PILLS.  For you young whippersnappers....any one who doesn't take some kind of medication after age 60 is either dead or a bionic person.

Last but not least here is the Judge's wife Melissa Patrick.  She and I took many a roadtrip to UVa in Charlottesville.  We even were the witnesses for a wedding on one of our trips.....I can't remember what we were doing in the courtroom, LOL.
The BIG reason we came now was because it was the weekend of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.
Linda and I had a great time shopping.  There was so much to see and do and we pretty much saw it all.
Except for this quilt (fabric art ?) that raised some eyebrows.  The most offensive area has been blocked out.
The creator says it represents a homeless woman and her child living in a cardboard box with no resources.

When a male friend of mine heard I was quilting his response was, "I thought only Puritans and Quakers did that."  Au Contrair.


Gabby said...

Looks like a fun trip with old friends!
The quilt art is a little questionable in my book, not exactly bringing the homey good feelings one expects from a quilt!

Glad you are back safely!

linpoq said...

What a wonderful weekend we had!! So much laughter that my eyes are still sore from tears and my mouth still hurts if I smile!!
Love y'all!