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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moore's Garden

Moore is a woman raised on a small farm in  Lake City, a small town in South Carolina.  She made it big as a stock broker and has given generously to the University of South Carolina and other entities.

She has a wonderful garden she opens it to the Master Gardeners of SC to visit.  I have been twice in the past six years and there are new things to see each year.  This is the informal area in her garden designer's office. 
 One of the interesting things about her garden is the way they use common everyday plants (and weeds).  The large "dog" standing by the pine tree is a branch that they found in the garden and saw its potential as an ornament.
 The back porch has the waterfall flowing down the steps into an over sized apostrophe shaped pool.
 This little cement doggie hiney reminds me of home....this is frequently the view I get of our dog Scout.  The dog digs for hours each day and all you see is her rear.
 On my last visit architecture students from Clemson were on site laying the foundation for this Japanese style building.  The shutters you see are ten feet and can be turned to manipulate the breeze or the shade.  All four sides of the building have these woven wood shutters for walls.
This huge stone basin overflows into a trough lined with pieces of ceramics and it spirals around the grassy area.

This is just a small sample of the treats that await visitors to this garden.  I was inspired to buy some plants and add to my garden.  Have you ever been to a garden that inspired you?  Tell us about it.


Gabby said...

I love the stairs flowing into the apostrophe pool. The shutters that you can turn for breezes, and the spiral fountain thingy. Clearly she deserves her title!

Jealous, as I have not even put a flower out this Spring, but my Clemetis is huge and blooming!

I can't wait to see YOUR garden/soccer field in 4 days! My girl is counting down the days, she told me yesterday she misses her Nana and Popop. Cooper can't wait to run free, and Libby has packed her bags to stay for a little while ;).
M is gonna stuff some clubs in, and I can't wait to just see my Momma and Daddy! Swimsuits packed!

Anonymous said...

Did they let y'all go swimming in that great pool? Love it!

The gardens at the Biltmore House have always inspired me.

Peter and I bought several pots of flowers this weekend. I wanted him to plant them around my mailbox, but when got ready he discovered a giant fire ant bed almost hidden beneath the grass. Glad he found it before he started digging. So he planted the flowers in some planters and we'll just see how they do.

Donnamo said...

You worked on your ping pong list quick. Wink wink!