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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AN Organizer's Dream Job

 In July our church held a Mission Hartsville Week.  Members signed up to work in areas that needed volunteers.  I signed up for The Clothes Closet a project of Carolina Kids.  The group had to move all of their inventory to a second floor classroom in the abandoned school where they are housed while their normal room was treated for termites.  Carolina Kids needed people to help bring the things back down and reorganize them

Did I say I like to organize?  I mean I LOVE to organize!  This compulsion has gotten me in trouble with daughters-in-law, and teachers who worked for me when I was a principal.  But here I can organize to my little heart's delight.
 This is what greeted us when we came in to work today.  Twice as much stuff as when we left last week!

The good, no great news is that they were donations from the local consignment sale held over the weekend.  Every thing was sized! Yee Haw!  Every thing was on a hanger....hallelujah!
These are shots of the girls side of the room
                                               Note the lovely green baskets are each labeled as to what is in them
(pants, shirts,pjs) and what size.

This side of the room is prepping for next week when we will begin filling 257 poly grocery bags a week to go home with children on Friday.  These are kids identified by their teacher or school social worker as to having a need.  Our director went to pick up food at Harvest Hope in Columbia, SC yesterday and were told that "their" food which really belongs to the US Gov't had been pulled and sent to Hurricane Irene victims.

Fortunately, our group has grant money and went and purchased the items needed for next week's bags.  But the grant money won't last long if we have to purchase all the items. A food drive is being planned.

I am thrilled that a donated book is included in each food a librarian that is some thing I can get into!


Anonymous said...

I have an organizer's dream job opportunity just for you!! It involves a whole house, which is only 1000 square feet! Features include a 12yo boy's room in which you currently cannot even see the floor!

Seriously, I love how you are using your God-given talents in ministries like this. You are awesome!

Is the Clothes Closet at the old Thornwell or the new Thornwell? Are the bags for the kids to take home during the week to make sure they will have stuff to eat? Where do they get the donated books from?

Atir said...

This is only a very small part of all the ministries you do caring for many different children and adults. You are awesome.

Your organizational skills also included me where you have decided what activities I needed to do - Swamp Fox Quilters, blogs (my first blog shows pictures of you setting it up) and Literary Guild and I love them all. thank you. But also you regularly check my calendar in my pocket book or by email and make sure I am where I am supposed to be at all times.

thank you

Gabby said...

I. Love. Organizing.Too.
IT's in my
Can not WAIT to see you guys and get some R and R.!