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Saturday, August 20, 2011

This and That

 It has been 20 whole days since I blogged.  Really I haven't done anything very interesting and when I did I forgot to take my camera :(

This is Caity sewing her little dress to go to Africa with her Aunt Niki for some lucky little girl.
 This is our wish for house at Lake Wateree.  We went looking for a cheap house on the lake yesterday.  We took a picnic lunch and sat right on the deck below overlooking the water.  Man so serene and peaceful (does that mean the same thing?)
 The house looked neglected.  Weeds growing up the steps etc...but still furnished (perfectly)....we hoped for a foreclosure....but alas a call to the owner revealed his asking price $440,000....perfect....he will entertain offers (Um...what about $50,000....that would probably be entertaining to him...LOL)
 I took this as our local pool this summer.  I think I counted 35 people there that day.  So nice to have a pool in our rural community.  I always see a friend or neighbor I won't run into any where else.  We have had a lot of "new" members in the last few years so I get to meet some new people too.
 This is my hunk of a grandson Michael.  He is only 12 but looks at least 14.
 Megan on the slide.  The slide was a big hit with everyone that day.
 Megan caught the first fish of the day over at "Aunt Dianne's pond".  Actually, Aunt Dianne's father built the pond back in the day and now her three children live around it with their children.  They are generous to let my grandchildren fish there when they come visiting.
Michael made a catch, too.  In all they both caught about a dozen.
1966 Shasta camper 10' vintage with wings super cleanThis is another fantasy of mine.....I want a small vintage camper....for cheap.  There is a group called Sisters on the Fly; all women with vintage campers dolled out oh so cute and I want to join them.  So far the closest old camper I've found has been in Kentucky and I haven't put my money down on it yet.   It will show up here when I do!Click To EnlargeThis is a picture of two glamed up campers.


Anonymous said...

Picnics, fishing and swimming---sounds like the perfect summer!

Those little campers are so cute! I've always been fascinated by campers. We have live close to two campgrounds and there are people who live there permanently.

Gabby said...

Looks like fun fishing, and I can not even believe people camp in those timy things, but they are cute outside of your hotel room, I guess!

Atir said...

I am ready willing and able to drive to Nebraska.