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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reunion and Redskins

This is the ballroom where our 50th high school reunion dinner and dance was held.  It was fun reuniting with old friends and making new friends.  We stayed with a Kathy and Bill Glotzback.  Kathy and I met in 10th grade when we were assigned each other as biology lab partners.  (I got lucky on that one....she is a smart cookie.)  We became high school sorority sisters; were in each others wedding and have attended each other's children's weddings.... Bill and Hubs decided to skip the reunion to watch the Maryland Clemson football game.  Bill thoughtfully hired a driver to take Kathy and I up to Washington for the reunion and bring us back.  It is a two hour drive each way and involves the DC Beltway and traffic from the Maryland football game so it was very nice to sit in the back of the Lincoln and chat away not worrying about finding the country club.

 The best part of the whole weekend for me was getting to go to the Redskins game on Sunday.  Bill has season tickets and invited us to share the fun.  This is Bill and his son Billy as we arrive and start to set up for tailgating.
 I loved walking around the parking lot and taking pics of the tailgaters.  This was a happy family group.
 A lot of tailgaters had corn hole games but this was the nicest with the Redskin football field on it.  I know a certain 5 year old who would love this.
 Here I am at the field with hubs and Bill.  Kathy loaned me her Redskin garb so I fit right in.
 I have video of the team coming on the field and the Redskin Band which I will put on Facebook.  My uncle and cousin Ted played in the Redskin Band so I learned the fight song at an early age.

Unfortunately, it was not our day on the football field.  The Eagles won; if this Eagle fan would have sold me this hat I would have bought it.  The "eagle" that looked more like a seagull flapped his wings as the guy walked around.  So me!
This lovely turkey and pumpkins were given to me by my hostess as a b'day present.  See how perfect they look on my fall table runner, Kathy. Thank you again for the presents and the wonderful hospitality.... it was a weekend to remember forever!


Gabby said...

well, man you were certainly given the royal treatment! A driver to and from the reunion! Tailgating and awesome seats at the Redskins game! What a fun weekend! I am was just so happy seeing all those pictures of you guys having fun!
I hope that I still have great friends like that for my 50th!
I love the table turkey and pumpkins. I almost ordered you a turkey from Pottery Barn for you birthday, and didn't call in time, but God knew something better was on the way! Hoping you are feeling better, too!
Great pics, I know a certain almost 12 year old who would have loved every minute of that with the 5 year old! I know a 10 year old who would have loved the cheering too!

Atir said...

This looked lot a lot of fun especially the Redskins's Football game. Loved your pictures as well.
Happy Birthday. lolol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, fantastic trip! What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday!