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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and Propofol

It turned into dark and chilly night after the three goblins set out to trick or treat in the haunted forests of Darlington County.
The three Hardee cousins wore their night vision goggles to protect their eyes from bats and vampires.
But this was all that was left of them after midnight.

Hubs and I have been keeping Hannah and Gates while their parents went off "on business" in the Caribbean.
It has been quite a while since we have enjoyed the privilege of staying with them over night for a couple of nights.
Getting them each up and off to school hasn't been too big a challenge since Nana gets up at 5 am.  That works real well since she is the designated sleeping person who gets The Gator into the bed by 8:30 pm and lays still as a mouse until he falls asleep :)
The two biggest pleasures for Nana has been hearing each child pray at supper time:  Here is a sample:  "Dear God thank you for this wonderful day!  and Dear God thank you for PopPop making my favorite Chicken Bog for dinner. Amen"
Hannah is becoming a real spiritual friend.  She asks me to do devotions with her each night and I am so delighted to share her concerns and joys.  We discovered we both have the same life verse from the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11 and she can quote it as well or better than I.
Our Bible study group is reading Anne Graham Lotz book, Expecting to See Jesus.  Anne believes, and I agree, that things are lining up very quickly for Jesus' return to earth.  She thinks her generation, which is the same as mine, will live to see His Coming.  When I read the newspaper or watch the news, I think, "How long, O Lord, how long, will you let this perverse, corrupt world continue to blaspheme your name and persecute your people.  How long will 3/4 of the 7 billion people on earth live in abject poverty while we here in Laodicea live in plenty without a thought to those who are suffering world wide?"

Our minister spoke Sunday on suffering for the sake of the gospel.  He said if we aren't suffering we aren't following close to The Master.  And truthfully folks I am not suffering, yet.  My cousin's daughter who is 30 has an inoperable brain tumor and has daily radiation and chemo.  She and her family are suffering.  The Muslims who have become Christians in Jakarta and see their families disown them are suffering.  What will it take to wake me up and get me to live like these are the last days?  I truly don't know.  What will it take to wake you up?  Do you think we are all under the spell of a materialistic proponol that has us sleeping away our last hours?  Wake the church, O Lord, sound the alarm!


Gabby said...

That is quite a title Missy!

Glad the trick or treaters had fun, MY HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME FROM MY CHILDHOOD!

I agree we need more of a heavenly urgency.

Donnamo said...

Yep,I've been lulled into Halloween :(