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Monday, November 14, 2011


I am way overdue for a tribute to my wonderful husband, Curtis.  I just love these pictures of him growing up.  I wish I'd known him in elementary school when he and the boys would ride their pretend horses around the girls on the playground.  Or when his Mama dressed him up as a "Sweet Pea" for Halloween; thank goodness she kept a great photographic record of her boy :)

 One of his uncles, Bill States, fiddled with photography and I imagine he took this picture since it is lit so dramatically.  I love seeing Uncle Ro's pic in the background.  Ro was one of my favorite people in the Evans-Chapman family.
 As you can see, Hubs was slim as a boy but after he got his tonsils out he blossomed.  I love the vintage plaid bathing suit with a belt.  Curtis loved the water as a boy swimming in ponds and lakes.  Now he'd prefer a hot shower but he will go in the ocean with me; in fact he got me over my fear of the ocean on our first beach trip together.  He taught me to go beyond the breakers where you could actually swim and not be beaten to death by the waves.  I grew up swimming in the Chesapeake, no big waves or undertow.
Don't you love those little leather sandals and that sweet smile on his face?  He is truly a sweet heart who gets emotional over his younguns, their younguns and doggies.  I asked him recently to recall an act when he felt he was most courageous....after a long pause he said, "I guess when I faced down that man at the Hartsville football game who tried to take that little game ball away from Fred."  Fred was one of our foster children.  This gentle man would not challenge some one unless it was over a child or a dog.

I don't know how many dogs he has had (I don't think he does either) but I love to hear about them.
Pee Wee was one of his favorites. His first rat terrier. He had a little cart she could pull. She had lots of puppies  (ohhhh puppy breath and peanut feet heaven.) Shep an English shepherd lived the longest, sixteen years.  Shep could round up the cows and calves on the farm.  Once when he was a young boy, Curtis got between a cow and her calf and  Shep charged in and threw the cow down before she could trample Curtis.

Those are just a few of the millions of things I love about my man!  In 45 years of marriage, I have only just begun to discover his wonderful qualities.  Almost every day I thank God for bringing this little DC girl to Coker to meet and marry him.  God is Good.  All the time. Even when we don't deserve it.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your hubby! I love those black and white photos!

Gabby said...

Yep, he is a keeper. Sweet as sugar on the inside...
He is a great Daddy, hubby, and Pop pop to man and beast.

Coopie certainly loves him to death!

linpoq said...

Love to you and the Hubs!!! Gonna go to the cedar chest and look at black & white photos!!!! Do younger generations even know what a cedar (hope) chest is??

Atir said...

Very Sweet - the pictures were wonderful.