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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glamper or Clampet ?

Last Saturday, Hubs and I went to Harbor Freight for him to return something and he came out with this shiny new trailer jack for Blue.  Previously Hubs had to have a worker come over whenever we wanted to move Blue.  I must confess as I sat in the car during his Harbor Freight expedition I thought, "I know why it is called HARBOR freight.... everything comes here from CHINA...and faithful readers know how I feel about that.

Wednesday we took off  on a license search.  Friends had advised us "Do Not go to the Darlington County DMV...go to the one in Bishopville."  A very nice and intelligent young lady waited on us.  After hearing our complicated tale of the camper with no VIN, no title, and no license she consulted her 4" thick manual and advised us to call the State DMV in Columbia.  I did as advised; the worker there advised me to call the Chief Title Officer.  I did but she was out. I called Thursday and they kindly told me her child was sick and they weren't sure when she would return.  Still not there Friday.  All state offices are instructed by our nice polite female governor to answer the phone, "It's a Great Day in South Carolina!"  When I get a registration it will truly be "A Great Day in South Carolina!"  Not to have the day ruined Hubs and I stopped at Watford's Bar B Que for lunch.  Yummo.  We would have waited and gone to Westwood Bar B Que but it was Wednesday, Dale.

Yesterday I was hard at work again.  Down came the rusty copper stove hood and the dirty "stainless" back splashes.

This is the box of vintage accessories (ie junk) I filled yesterday.

We have more silverware!  Under the sink nested in the insulation over the tire well were spoons and forks, even an iced teaspoon.  I do think some fancy mice (I refuse to say or think R-A-T-S) lived in Blue once upon a time,long, long ago of course.  We even found three utensils on top of the camper.  Left from the mouse picnic/reunion I presume.

Much of my time yesterday was spent removing 68 screws and four light sockets.  Hubs decided that the ugly rust streaks on the camper's outside walls were caused by the previous owner not using stainless screws.  I was to take all the offending screws out while he went to get new stainless ones.  Two hours later....all screws out; Hubs no where to be found.  When he arrives he explains how there isn't a single stainless screw in Hartsville.  He had to order them.  I have nightmares of the camper siding collapsing off the camper in the meantime.

Just to leave you on a cheery note...look at this darling paper pieced car and camper.  I have decided my next quilt will be a camper stay tuned.

By the way the Clampet in the title?  My Husband with a very slight hearing deficiency thinks I've been calling Blue a Clampet instead of a Glamper.  I think he also thinks we are on the Beverly Hillbillies; but I'm not telling him any different.


The Real Aristocats said...

lol--You know that when you listed how many screws were on the camper I could not help but think about someone else we knew that would list exactly how many diapers my babies had and what it

linpoq said...

Need more stainless screws???? Up here we get them at the "boat store"
Eagerly awaiting next installment!!