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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jack's Cosmic Hot Dogs and Awendaw

Saturday Hubs talked me into accompanying him down to Mount Pleasant to pick up a mother of a child at a facility in Awendaw. We decided to make a day of it and met our Charleston friends at Jacks Cosmic Dogs.  I had never been so I was delighted to see all the neat vintage ephemera and sample their hot dogs.

As you can see it is a humble place with plenty of business.

Don't you love the Cosmic Rocket?  I bet it really shows up at night.

Lots of young marrieds with children were there Saturday and every child wanted a turn on this vintage convertible.

It's a good thing the toy plane was hanging from the rafters or the children would have climbed on it too.

They offer more than hot dogs on the menu but we stuck with the dogs, fries, and of course a chocolate/vanilla swirl top cone.  I had a true Cosmic Dog which comes with sauerkraut.  I know only a Yankee likes sauerkraut on a hot dog instead of chili.

 I love the old signage on the door.

Another vintage toy car was inside.

Love all the decor on the way to the bathroom. Even the bathroom had cool vintage stuff in it but I resisted taking a pic.  You will have to go see for yourself!

This is the school at the boy's home (Winwood  Farm for Children).  The boys helped build the building; which is an excellent way to teach building skills in my book.

This is the dormitory at the home.  Lest you think this is all too fine for boys who are neglected or in trouble, let me assure you their life is not rosy.  But it is better than the one they left behind at home.  Please pray for this boys home and my son's, Billie Hardee Home for Boys.  It is not an easy "business" to be in at any time, especially during a recession.

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Kimberly said...

Hope you and hubs had fun together!

When I was home over Christmas Madeline and I visited Christian in Charleston one weekend and he made a special point to take us to Jack's Cosmic dogs! We went to the one on James Island and, boy, was it fun!