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Friday, November 30, 2012

I Won the Powerball Lottery!

Oops, I left the "if" out of the title, oh my!  I entertained myself royally this am (which is very cheap by the way) by imagining what I would do if I did win the bazillion dollars.  First, lets just say this is so hypothetical it is stinkin' funny.  I don't; never have, never will (I know never say never) played the lottery so I am one million percent sure I will never win it.  Would you like to bet against me?  Oh, I forgot; I don't bet.

With that said, back to what I would do with the money, I think.  I would buy two of my children new homes and one of them a new car.  Oh, first, off the top.....10% to God.  I would like to buy a nice habitat home for some of my kindergarten students who are crowded into old double wides.  On second thought if I gave a huge hunk to Habitat for Humanity they could pick my two children and they could have habitat homes as well.  I think a little sweat equity goes a long way.

Then a nice lake house with a pontoon boat.  This is not a luxury item for Hubs and I.  No, it is so I could bless people by letting them use it free of charge.  People who need a break or getaway; a place to unwind and spend time with or away from their family.

Hubs suggested we might also "need" such a place at the beach for those who like the beach more than a lake.  Then he added a cabin in the mountains for when it is too Africa hot at the beach or at the lake in South Carolina.  I'm pretty sure he is thinking unselfishly.

Oh, and a Disney Cruise for two of my kids and their families....they other one has already signed up for one.

Some sewing machines for the Christian lady who goes to another country and teaches the women how to sew and make a living.  Also, fabric and thread for them.

Oh, and hire someone to run the Soup Kitchen here on weekends.

Maybe a nice new Youth Home for the Billie Hardee Home for Boys.

That is as far as I've gotten.  Oops, lets add parenting classes for all preschool children.  Hey parenting classes for all parents of children.

How about tell me how you would spend the money if you won it.  And feel free to use my ideas if you do.

PS....would a face lift, tummy tuck and breast lift be too selfish to add???? 

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Caroline said...

Well, as you know, we discussed tonight plastic surgery. I need one thing tucked and two things lifted!

First, I would tithe and give to many organizations. But, strictly for fun...We'd build a log cabin and furnish it, buy a new truck, pay for Matt's college, buy a truck for Matt in 3 years, hire a professional housekeeper/organizer and a gardener, and travel all over the country.

I don't play the lottery, either, because I don't believe that's how God wants us to spend our money. So I'd have to win it some other way!