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Friday, December 7, 2012


As some of you know, I have a post retirement position as a an adjunct kindergarten teacher to help remediate the children who come to our school not as ready as we would like them to be.  This is my third year in this position.  Each year it has changed; this year it has changed the most.

Our school district has a new Superintendent and new Assistant Superintendent.  They are putting a new spin on things; or tweaking the old things up a notch.  I have been being trained in a couple "new" approaches to teaching and assessing reading.  During my teaching career, I taught high school English, science, civics, third grade, kindergarten, gifted, resource and a few things in between.  I always said I would teach anything besides First Grade.  Never tell God what you aren't going to do!

Although I am not teaching first grade per say, today's kindergarten classroom is way more like a first grade classroom then my kindergarten classroom ever was.  So basically I am teaching reading.
And I am fascinated.  Researchers are still examining what keeps children from becoming fluent life long readers; or better yet, what can I do to help each child have a love affair with reading. 

One of the techniques I am practicing is called "noticing."  In the classroom, it means taking note of what a child can do, or needs help with, and seeing that they get the helping hand they need.  It may also be noticing that they have a concept down and are ready to go further.

I am trying to practice "noticing" in my daily life.  I drive the same two routes most of the to school and back and one to Darlington or Florence.  I can drive to and from either place without noticing any thing.  Or I can pay attention to the changes in the landscape, the trees, etc....I try to pray for individuals in certain houses where there has been a problem I'm aware of.  At one spot where a house burned down over a month ago, I notice a man raking through the ashes almost every morning as I go to school.  I pray he will find whatever will give him peace.

The thought occurred to me this morning as I finished my devotions and sat praying for those on my list......God doesn't need me to pray......He already knows everything about the situations I'm bringing before him......I need to pray to remind myself there is "Someone Powerful in charge" with all our best interests in mind....and I am at peace with that for today.

Have you had any noticings lately?  Will you tell me about them?  Feel free to email me if you don't want your comments out on the web.

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linpoq said...

I have been traveling from VA to NC a lot lately (no radio or CDs) so "noticing" is high on my agenda. During these 5+ hour rides I also take time for my prayers of Thanks and WoWs....changing seasons, birds, blue skies, cloud formations, rain, sunrises, sunsets, and the list goes on and on!