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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is God Sovereign?

       Good morning, Control Freaks!  One thing I wish I could control is the spam that comes in my comment box.  I get about ten "comments" a day that are spam for drugs like Ativan, Valium, etc...I can and do delete them and am trying to have a good attitude.... so they don't control me....get it?

    Today we are on to what our words reveal about us.  Our words reveal our desire to be in control.  Putting a spin on my words so people will think better of me is one way of doing this.  Example:  "So sorry, I can't come to your (fill in the blank); I already have plans!"  Translation......I don't want to come. 

Also, exaggeration might be another example.  "I did about a million loads of wash yesterday!"  This is an attempt for others to see us as very industrious.....this may be true but the exaggeration  is a way of manipulating people's opinion of us. 

I recently heard of "busy poker".  It is when two people get together and one says...."I just got home from taking cupcakes to school" The other responds with "Oh, I know I am so tired, I just ran 3 miles and baby sat my neighbor's kids for 6 hours."  Then the first person ups the ante with yet another thing she did.   Get it?  We want people to think better of us and less of others.

I may say I believe God is sovereign but then I go on to talk about how the economy is in the tank, the President is a Hindu, medicine and insurance are taking all our income etc....  We are talking like God is just a little bit sovereign.  He can handle our parking place, and a headache but really?  the world....Medicare....hurricanes....the flu???  If we honestly don't think he can control all those things we need to confess that to Him.

Honestly, I am so guilty at hardly ever thinking before I speak and truthfully even when the Holy Spirit nips me not to say something....I say it any way.  Ephesians 4:25-32 Paul sets the standard for our speech.

"Each of you must put off falsehood (exaggerations) and speak truthfully with your neighbor (I'm just not interested in playing bridge any more.) .....Do not let any unwholesome talak come out of your mouths but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."

If you are like me you feel pretty hopeless after reading those instructions, but our victory is in Christ's ability to transform us, NOT our ability to transform ourselves (thank heavens).

Next time we will "talk" (I will write) about M O N E Y and control.  Now that is a Hot Topic.....stay tuned!  I mean you might want to check back.....get it????

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