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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Here is my Ode to Winter tableau.....however up until this week it looked very silly with the temperature ranging in the high sixties and low seventies.  Not to worry it was 25 degrees this morning and my snowman looks appropriate at last.
I have had "Blinds for our Bedroom" on our want list for a couple years.  Lowe's had a sale and the budget said go for it so we did.  A much cleaner look, and maybe a lot less dust.  Taking down the wallpaper is another thing Hubs is in favor of.  I'm for painting over it thinking this will be the last of many redo's in our bedroom.  We'll see!!
This is the polka dot quilt I am working on for one of my students.  It is up on my design wall so I can choose where to put the polka dot circles.  I will need to post the final quilt because it sure doesn't look great in this pic.

Last week I got a very happy surprise.  The ATC (artist trading card) I had submitted to Quilting Arts Magazine was chosen to be published.  In stead of returning them to us we were sent another artist's ATC.  This is the one I received from an artist in Australia.  Isn't it charming?

Last but no where near least, my Best Friend, Rita, made me this lovely wall hanging.  Years ago I made one for her and through the years I have made them for a few special people.  Rita was very generous in her adjectives describing me and did an awesome job in every respect.  I hung it in the bathroom so I can admire it when I am sitting u no where!  So what have you been up to lately?  Donnamo wants to know; leave me a comment, please!


Caroline said...

Love the quilt on your bed...and the polka dot one for your student....and the beautiful one your friend made for you. I've been meaning to ask you to teach me some crafts, but you might lose patience! Also, do you take special orders for quilts? My husband wants a genuine quilt for our bed and no store-bought one will do!

linpoq said...

My good friend, you never cease to amaze me! Love the potpourri entry and especially love the new (to me) bedroom quilt!!

Charlene said...

Donna, I love your posts, where do you find the time? You asked what have we been up to lately. I am teaching myself how to draw. I found a great book "You Can Draw in 30 Days" by Mark Kistler. I am going to take longer than 30 days based on my work schedule, but I am determined to learn how to draw and then I am going to illustrate a children's book I wrote many years ago.