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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Just finished this NY Times Best Seller....I guarantee you will drool while you read it.  It set at a cooking class; and Erica Baumeister must be one heck of a cook to describe the foods they prepare and EAT!  Crabs in a wine sauce, cake from scratch, to die for Italian.  It has me looking for a cooking school to go to.  (And actually doing a little cooking myself this week.) But this is a fiction book with characters and story the cooking is just "an essential ingredient."

Joy for Beginners is Erica's acclaimed novel about a woman who survives breast cancer and how it motivates her to live the rest of her life.  This is my next book to check soon as the library opens tomorrow!

Erica also has a book: 500 great books by Women; a Reader's guide.  I want to check this one out as well.  Throughout my life as a reader, I have always unconsciously been drawn to books by women.  I may have missed a few great ones!  Heavens to murgatroyd!

'Heavens to Murgatroyd' is American in origin and dates from the mid 20th century. The expression was popularized by the cartoon character Snagglepuss - a regular on the Yogi Bear Show in the 1960s, and is a variant of the earlier 'heavens to Betsy'.
bert lahrThe first use of the phrase wasn't by Snagglepuss but comes from the 1944 film Meet the People. It was spoken by Bert Lahr, best remembered for his role as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.
As with Betsy, we have no idea who Murgatroyd was.
This morning's paper brought a recipe for cheese biscuits that sounded so good he immediately made them.
 I thought I had purged the shortening cutter from Casa Donnamo due to lack of use but alas it was unearthed and put back into service.

Here are my two latest projects.  The top one is the beginnings of a quilt for a long time friend.

The second a table runner to go with my winter themed breakfast room.....for next year.   I put all of  the winter things away this week.....hoping the days of March mean Spring will truly spring into our lives.  Alac, snow flurries were forecast for today......Heavens to Murgatroyd!

And what dear reader has you saying "Heavens to Murgatroyd"?  The government? Your teenager? Your tax form?

If I don't get comments I get into a Royal Donnamo snit and it is very hard on Hubs; do the guy a favor and us a brief note.  All the pesky comment guards have been dismissed so do reward me for putting up with all the spam comments by leaving a real one of your own for me to find among the Viagra and Cialis spam.


linpoq said...

I can use heavens to Mergotroyd right now watching Clemson lose to Virginia Tech!! Jim is probably happy!
Now, I want you to research a saying from my hub's grandmother...."I hope to my never!".....GOOD LUCK!!
Cheese biscuits sure did look good!

Donnamo said...

Well Linpoq, I hope you got on I'll try to solve the problem of duplicate posts. As my Confuscious (Hubs) would say...better two posts than none!

I tried to research "I hope to my never" which I have heard as "I hope to never" under colloquialisms to no satisfaction. There is a Dictionary of Colloquialisms which can be purchased and may even be available at a (gasp)library.

Donnamo will attempt the last as she is very frugal and will not be purchasing said dictionary. Linpoq can feel free to do so :)

Stay tuned to Donnamo for further updates on "I hope to (my)never". Other readers feel free to chime in.

Donnamo said...

Cat got a climbing gear? Ask Scout