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Friday, October 17, 2008


One might wonder where the name Donnamo came from for Heaven's sake.

I volunteer at a Free Medical Clinic and the Assistant Director gave me the nickname, and I kinda like it even though at age 65 (as of Tuesday) I am not much of a dynamo, but maybe that isn't what she meant anyway.

Maybe she was thinking of the Alamo....hmmmm big war, big defeat ???? Who knows?

I am known at church as "Crazy Old Lady" (I know my children are NOT surprised).

I was honored with this title at our Church's summer Vacation Bible School.

How might one stumble upon a title of this magnitude, you ask?

Why, thank you, I will tell.

I "taught" the missions segment and to keep them interested (also known as 'ham it up'), I created this character, "Crazy Old Lady", who talked in different accents and did other insane (I mean crazy) things, in an attempt to make Mission study more fun and interesting.

Parents are often a bit bewildered when their child in my Sunday school class tells them their teacher respectfully requests to be addressed as "Crazy Old Lady". Go figure.

I also use the term "Deaf Old Lady" to get them to speak loudly....heaven forbid they should actually know how true to life the "Deaf" part of that name is these days.

I have recently had to stop using that moniker because I have a hearing impaired child in my class and heaven forbid I would disparage him in any way. (You see, I have a visually impaired child myself, and I KNOW how hurtful people can be.)

I have many more nicknames which I may or may not get around to explaining....Nancy Neat, Moose, Barbara WaWa, Walter Winchell, to list a few.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of "Donnamo, Eternity and Beyond!"


Mel said...

Funny blog! I like it!

Donnamo said...

Use spell check, Aren't an English Major for goodness sakes?

Bluelady24 said...

Hey Donnamo,

You one of our greatest volunteers and we couldn't do without you at the Free Medical Clinic in Darlington (who volunteers in Darlington, has to stay in Darlington) if you know what I mean,......hehehehe. Love you!

Bluelady24 said...

Oh, hehehe, I left out the word "are", how silly of me.

Chandré said... your comment on the who speaks in your life on SCL because just been thinking about God being the provider and then came to check out your blog...Really Inspiring, even though i don't know Dottie, I'm also learning from her life :)

God bless you Donna, thanks for sharing!