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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ode to Coggie

Nine years ago today God brought our family the best gift....a little bundle of joy (I do mean little and joy) named Coggie the Great. I remember Granny, Curtis and I driving to Rock Hill once we got the call that he was on the way. He was there when we got there all snuggled up in the basinett with his little hat tiny and sweet. I got to spend the night in the hospital and drive him (and Mama) home the next day (Dad had to work). This was truly an daughter does not let just anyone drive her children around, especially me, Duchess of Hazard.

I remember him driving his Cozy Coupe around and around his house. They never brought it here and when I went to get one at the used toy store I mistakenly bought an toddler sized 18 wheeler thinking bigger was better, but that is another story.

Said grandchild (I am not allowed to use their real names) looks just like his PopPop did as a child. His parents are not as thrilled about this as we are. He even has a certain propensity for accidents; I mean bodily injury. So far he has broken his arm, and broken his front tooth out twice (Pop Pop SHOT his front tooth out so the violence is diminishing in the family gene pool)

He is all about eating as he hits this nine year marker. Any one who knows his PopPop knows he is nothing if not all about eating (and cooking for others to indulge with him). They both love Indians as well....well Indian stories; and Indian treasure hunts and now FOOTBALL.

Coggie, not his real name, gets his shy retiring nature from ME! On a mountain trip he bought a rubber wig with spiky rubber protrusions all over it and wore it until his father hid it. Father does not like public shows of anything.....God wants him to get over it I am sure so he put him in the family with ME and Coggie. Last year he was Elvis for Halloween.....see I mean he is a Real Entertainer. He also starred in a musical at church.... I think he was Jim Carey... I'm not sure how they worked Jim into the Bible but they did so Coggie could have a part worthy of his talents.

Come to think of it, my dream is to do standup children are praying I will die first...Coggie may fulfill that dream for me....on the side, of course, when he is not being a rocket scientist, brain surgeon, and architect....unlike me he is VERY smart....that is where his Dad comes in the gene pool.

Well, Coggie.....I hope you have the best birthday ever and many many more to come. Come soon to see Silly Old Nana and we'll paint ourselves, dance in the rain, bake crazy cookies, and whatever else you dream up. (Just try NOT to tell Mama everything afterwards; or she'll never let you come back!)


Sallie said...

I had to reset my blogger account so i could comment. the chances of my remembering this password are so slight as ro make it likely this is the only time I will get to say "Hi! go for it Donna!"

PS These word verification things are another pitfall.

Kimberly said...

Oh I hope I'm a fun nana...having a grownup participate in painting oneself and dancing and baking is every child's dream. Not that I'm even to the point of having the children who could possibly make me a nana...that just scares me

My illustrious muth-ah Mah-gret Fo-bah told me you had just started a blog; how cool! I just read the whole thing on my iPhone (blank-etty, blank, blank computer keeps freezing up) and can't wait to read more!

I started a blog in August to chronicle my home decor far its more about pink stuff and baking, but someday the decor stuff will be done and will get blogged about.