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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well, happy reader I am off to Home and Garden Club. Do not be put off by this innocent sounding moniker. It does not involve Home or Garden; but it is a club.

Oh, I love to be in a club.

In fourth grade, the girls in our neighborhood formed a club AND we had hideouts.

Sneaky Peaky No.1, Sneaky Peaky No. (you guessed it) 10 and Hernandez Hide-Away.

Back to the non-home, non-garden club. All of us are retirement age because when you are working you are too busy to be in a club unless it is a Circle or the Lions or Rotary Club (now that they allow ladies). We are reenacting our childhoods....we have had a May pole and a May Queen (those younger than 65 reading this have no idea what either of these items are but they do not involve stripping in any form.) We have reenacted the first Thanksgiving (see I told you it is about reenacting our childhoods). We have made vegetables into school buses (does this sound like Girl Scouts to you.....there you go, another club I was in).

Wait a minute....I need to reread my minutes for you see I AM THE SECRETARY of this Club.

It is a good thing I spent one year at Washington School for Secretaries.... I knew it would come in handy one day.

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