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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

God Winks

A friend recently shared her book called When God Winks by Squire Rushnell with me. Back in the days when we were saved (1970's) we called them "holy coincidences" meaning something happened in our life that we recognized as God stepping into our natural life to guide and direct us.

I had kinda forgotten that principle and it has spoken to me now with renewed excitement. I love the idea that God is watching us and every now and then He "winks" to show us He is watching and knows what we are about.

I will tell you about a few of my God winks and hope you will look for some of your own.

A big one came in 1961 when I was deciding where to go to college. I had been accepted at two (does that tell you something about my high school grades?) Sullins in Virginia and Coker in Hartsville, SC.

As you know, I am a DC girl; born and bred in that briar patch with no family or friends ANYWHERE else....Sullins would have been the logical choice but no I chose Coker and didn't even come look at it. (I'd blame my parents for that except I know how strong willed I am and I wouldn't have come unless I'd wanted to.)

Guess what?

When we get here my Dad sees the name May Roper Coker....she grew up in the house next to his as 808 North Carolina Avenue....her father was Secretary of War.

Unless you are a Cokernut, (emphasis on nut) you don't know Miss May was the matriarch of Coker College back in our day. = God Wink

Then in 1965, 6 month's before my graduation my summer school roommate, Joanne Jorgenson, says lets go meet my "boyfriend", Wayne Pigg, at National Guard Drill. The guardsmen "happened" to be at break and Wayne happened to be with Curtis Chapman and I met him for the first time. Now Curtis had dated every other girl at Coker during my time there and I had dated every Hartsville boy but him so this had to be a God Wink.

Some of you know about our ill fated first stuck at his fish pond cabin...10:30 PM must be in dorm by 11 or be on restriction (aka no dating for 1 day for every minute late.....)we were 90 minutes late AFTER Curtis RAN 5 miles barefoot (don't ask) to borrow a car from Robert and Doris Griggs. The God Wink came when he got me off of restriction....and I thought, "this is a man I could love....he gets me out of trouble"....and he's been doing it ever since.

I could tell a million more (okay a hundred more at least) but another stands out on my list of "God REALLY knows and cares about me".... One summer, my daughter Gabby and I went to Bay Ridge,my family's summer home on the Chesapeake with my sister-in-law Bubette (her real name). Bubette brought her dog "Taco" an aged miniature something small. My daughter Hagar the animal lover bonded with Taco and Bubette was more than glad to let us have her (can you tell this was Bubette's children's dog she wasn't all that fond of?)

One sad day an accident happened and Taco was run over in our driveway by a friend (imagine the animal lover weeping and wailing). We decided to hunt for another toy Manchester Terrier which was as close to Taco's breed as we could get. Hagar and I "happened to "read the classified ads one Sunday when we were home from church sick.

To be continued...

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