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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

God Winks II

Continued because I was interrupted when my two year old grandson, "Dates" came in during my posting.

So Gabby and I were looking for another Toy Manchester Terrier, we saw one in The State newspaper on Sunday.

My husband ponies up to go get the dog...commenting that the dogs name would be Victoria but would be called Vicky....picture Gabby and I rolling our eyes at each other saying "whatever Dad just go get the dog".

I sent Gabby along for quality husband might come home with a Labrador and report "they SAID it was a toy Manchester Terrier"

Hours later they return with a genuine (not to be confused with those fake) Manchester Terrier named Victoria on her registration papers but called Vicky= now if that isn't a God wink, for heaven's sake....what is? This dog actually picked out the husband for my daughter and wives for my two sons; is that a coincidence, I think not!


Gabby said...

If you are referring to me as Hagar, you had better be ready for a blogger rebutle/ I am not even kidding.
By the way, you only posted part 2, where is 1?
I am nominating you for old lady blog of the year!

Sallie said...

Hhmmm---Vicky always hated me. What doeas that say about her discernment? 2 out of 3?

Donnamo said...

Tips you may want to skip lines between every couple of sentences, it is easier to read. Also, at the top when you are writing there is a little ABC use it for spell checking, you had a lot spelled wrong. When you put something in draft, just go to edit posts, click on edit, and you can then post it on your blog.
Hope that is helpful.

Donnamo said...

Sallie, Scout likes you. You are in.