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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missing Mama

Let me start off by saying my mother has been dead 28 years now. Her death was sudden; a month after my Dads, and totally unexpected. It did throw me for a big ol' loop for a few years there, but time and God do heal our wounds.

This morning I was humming along reading Siddon's newest book, Off Season, when the main character's mother dies. All of a sudden, tears jumped to my eyes (and I NEVER Cry thanks to Paxil) and I began to sob; I realized how much I miss my Mother. All of those of you out there whose mothers are no longer with you can relate; I'm sure. Mother, the one who took me shopping; and when I couldn't decide which dress I wanted would say, "let's just get them both (or even all!) Who, bless her heart, made me a very complicated blouse when I complained about wearing store bought clothes when a others had mother-made clothes. I still have at least two of the MANY sweaters she made me (I wish now I had saved more but I am a anti-packrat) It was Mom who met me at the bus stop on rainy days so I didn't have to walk the mile home in the rain. It was Mom who came and stayed 6 weeks with me when I had my twins. It was Mom who wore a mask and cared for my tiniest twin, Todd, who almost died from a hospital infection. She lugged that durn diaper pail (no Pampers then folks) from one end of the house (bathroom) to the washer at the other end. It was Mom who read thousands of books to my kids when we visited....and knitted the boys snow suits (why I ever thought I'd need those in SC I don't know) and afghans for their beds. So Mom,if you're reading this....thank you for taking in this little (6lb, 1oz) baby girl, and adopting her and loving her as your daughter. I miss you Mom!


Terry said...

Donna, I love your blog. I read it all. You've made me laugh and brought me to tears. I know all too well what it's like to lose a loved one (my daughter)and how much we miss them. I thank God each day that I still have both my parents. God and they are my strength.
I enjoyed our class together at QSC retreat so much. If you're going to need hair for your doll, you can get some weave at any beauty supply store and I've also found it at Dollar General. That's what I use for my black dolls. It's very inexpensive and works great!

Gabby said...

I am so blessed to HAVE my Mama. She is a little batty at times, but she is always good for a laugh.
All the time, so I consider that a score!