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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Smandom

I've been trying to decide what to write about next :) I've decided; how about "random thoughts from a random mind?" No relation here to a beautiful mind....absolutely NONE! Trust me, on that one.

Okay, I am reading Forward From Here by Reeve Lindbergh. Daughter of Charles A. and Ann Morrow. Today she talks (writes) about writing tips she has gotten over the years. (This is her fifth book; who knew.) My favorite tip is, "Absolutely, no meanness" said Stuart Little. Now that is a rule to live by, folks! Remember this when your husband, or mother, or mother-in-law asks you something for the fiftieth time because they are deaf as a post, Absolutely NO meanness!

She also writes about her writer's group and all the pitfalls that go with one.....aka the reason I am not in one......but now.....blogging....= the best part of a writers' group....positive comments and Absolutely No Meanness! Thank you one and all, or is it two and three, of you who have responded to my blog. Even my daughter, Hagar, I mean Gabby (her real name) who has called me "Crazy Old Lady Blogger" or some such not exactly nice, maybe a little mean, and I did teach her better, comment. I have given her my password, mistake??, and now she comments under my name Donnamo.... in case you thought I had gone over the edge (which would not be far) and was responding to my own blog. Hmmmm.....she may be going to use this blog to get me in THE HOME.....but that costs money....and would eat up her inheritance..... she's probably just biding her time before carting me off.....oh I know....she'll wait until Curtis is dead....its cheaper....and he does take dern good care of me.

I recommend a fabulous blog turned into a book for all you blog reader/writers out there. Julie and Julia, by Julie somebody. This is a 30 year old temp sect'y in NYC who decides to cook thru Julia Child's book, The Art of French Cooking. Did I mention she knows nothing about cooking or a kitchen? Please note I was so inspired by the book I have cooked three meals in three days. Most of you know; I conned my husband into thinking we made a vow at the altar that I would cook the first 25 years of our marriage and he the next 25. It is now year the math.... I haven't cooked for..........years now. Gabby, do not comment on how grateful you are or you WILL be Hagar again. (I think my husband is going along with this ruse because he prefers his own cooking!?!)

Well, that is enough randomness for today. Hope your day is well, random, and funny and there is absolutely NO MEANNESS!


Gabby said...

I don't think I am mean. I think I am funny. Anyone who refers to themselves as "Deaf Old Lady" should be a little more thick-skinned.. or one would think.

Anyway, I was just giving tips and forgot I was under your name, you can erase my comments. Sorry.
I will leave your blog alone, promise.
Mine has a snappy new Fall theme, but who's bragging?

Hope Dad is feeling better. Impressed by the cooking, wish I got the go to the grocery store gene Dad has, I need to go now, and I am not a fan of the trip. At all.

Kimberly said...

You changed your blog look; nice!

Walt and I listened to the Julie/Julia project book on CD while traveling to and from work and also while making some long trip. Audiobooks really do make the snore-inducing chore of driving so much more bearable. Really enjoyed it. Have absolutely no desire to cook through that book, but would enjoy tackling a couple of the dishes if for nothing else than all that tasty butter :) I looked up her blog and looked around on it for a bit. It was fun to read posts of things she talked about in the book. What did you make for your 3 meals?

Kimberly said...

kimberly (dot) yates (at) gmail (dot) com

I am SO overdue for a post.