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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is the way we clean our house, clean our house

clean our house, once every forty years....hubs and I are trying to remove some of the offending allergens and crud that has accumulated in our forty year old house. True, I am known as Nancy Neat, but I am always quick to point out I am NOT Cathy Clean. So a lot has gone undone in the name of travel, babysitting grand kids, volunteering, reading and just plain goofing off.

Oh my you realize how long it takes to clean thirteen paneled doors with a wet rag? How about five bathrooms and six commodes....I mean down on my knees reaching all around the I know why European toilets go back in the wall instead of down to the floor where little boys (and I think a few bigger boys) can whiz on the them.

Well, we are committed to getting this job done by Thanksgiving when we can truly give thanks we've got another 40 years to let it accumulate :)


Anonymous said...

Will you come over and clean my house now? Please?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I know I've got at least two readers out there!

Donnamo said...

As soon as Thanksgiving is over I will be glad to come help you clean your house. (You cannot leave me alone to do it as I have a propensity for throwing away anything I deem superfilious...just ask my daughters-in-law).

Nice to have you reading my blog too!