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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over The River and Through the Woods to Nana's House They Come

While singing this song to myself, I just realized after 60 plus years of singing it, it is GrandMOTHER'S house we go. Oh, well maybe Grandpa was dead. That would be a tragedy at my house...NO ONE would come if Curtis weren't here to cook and pamper them.

We are on a countdown now. Thirty hours until daughter, Gabby and husband ungabby, son Gabbiest and daughter Gabbier arrive for the whole Thanksgiving holiday. Our list looks something like this:

Blow leaves off roof
Vacuum up lawn
Change all three beds even though they are clean
Mop upstairs bathrooms
Check expiration dates of all canned and dairy items
Get PopTarts for Kids
Get Large Applejuice for kids
Get Pepsi for Ungabby
Get stuff to make smores at campfire
make sticks to roast marshmellows on
vacuum whole house
wash all glass doors
bake cookies
make dinner for Wed. night

Gee, Curtis is going to be exhausted when they get here :)

But I will be ready to rock....sewing with kids, painting with kids, going for walks with kids....until other grand kids arrive and I am left in dust....exhausted.

Will have to get a good night's sleep Thurs. night because I have a command performance to to Christmas shopping Fri. AM....daughter will have a marathon schedule nailed down.

Toy's R us....7 am; Target 8am; Best Buy 9am and on and on and we will talk our heads off on the way there and on the way home and between assignments (she will assign me...."Mom, go to electronics ask for the rr2d2 player with the free game boy whatchama call it, be sure it is the 2009 version not last years....on second thought you go get the checkers and I'll get the technical stuff."

Thanksgiving 2008 style ya gotta love it!

Gabby Grandma


Kimberly said...

Sounds dee-lightful! Can I just skip over the kids part and go straight to grandkids? They sound fun :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gabby said...

Trust me, they are much nicer to the grandkids... you won't believe what they get away with.

I, however, get away with nothing (wink, wink).

This year we are getting three winkawhatchamacallits. thank you very much. I heard they will sell out my 5:00 am.

I have two Gabby offspring who are jumping out of their seats to get on the road.
I packed the car, washed the clothes, packed the clothes, took the dump, worked, and am ready to be on the road myself.
BTW props on the turkey background- too cool!