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Friday, December 5, 2008

Lord, Change MY Attitude

Yesterday I went to get my "mammies grammed". My appointment was really for today, but I had to be in Florence for my Quilt Guild's Christmas meeting and luncheon so I decided to go to the mammography center early and beg them to take me.

To be truthful, I originally planned to do a little acting. As in " Oh, No! my appointment is tomorrow....I must have gotten mixed up.....could you please go ahead and take me today so I won't have to drive ALL THE WAY back over here again tomorrow. "

BUT GOD convicted me that would be deception. (He really knows how to hit the nail on the head, our God does.)

SO I walked in, friendly lady who has been there for the last 25 years.... no longer there...replaced by mammogram Nazi. I explain truthfully the situation (appointment tomorrow...another appointment at 11 am could I please have it done today???)

After taking my insurance card, medicare card, and mammogram orders she assures me I will have to wait behind every patient who does have an appointment.....

OH, NO....what AM I doing....I am complaining! THE very thing God nailed me on when he told me to go buy the book I read an ad for while I was waiting for my mammogram. LORD, CHANGE MY ATTITUDE by James MacDonald.

You know it is so EASY to see a bad attitude in others (ie....Mammogram Nazi who almost put lady with cancer in tears who came in trying to get an appointment for a mammogram.)
When it is right there staring back at me in the mirror.....

In this economic downturn (recession, whatever) it is SO easy to start whining about the land of the free and home of the BRAVE. The Lord, MUST want to smite us all and take us back to EGYPT for a little Slavery Pyramid Building 101.

Here we are in the most prosperous Christian nation ever on earth.....and we are complaining.
So let us all.....examine ourselves.....are we guilty???? Are we chiming in on the negativity channel when people start murmuring and complaining.....Lord, help me do me speak up for YOU and be a reminder of how blessed we all are instead of adding my five cents with more complaining.

How about you.....are you on the Train headed for the Wilderness because you are seeing mud instead of stars? Please pray for me to get off and stay off that train and see God's blessings that are all around me!


Gabby said...

If I have a bad attitude, it usually means I am breathing.
I hate that!
However, I think I can convince myself that I would have a better attitude if certain circumstances were different, but you know, that is just a myth. There is always something to grump about. There is always more to appreciate.
It just takes practice to overlook the grump for the blessing.

Donnamo said...

Thanks for understanding! Now it seems like the devil has complaining....we will see about that!

Kimberly said...

Sometimes I am so positive and focused on how blessed I am...and sometimes I plunge right down into the pit of self pity and make up for lost time. Let me just keep tabs on all those other people...that I can see around this hunk of wood in my eye.

Kimberly said...

Although I think more often than not I choose not to complain...Gabby's right: there will ALWAYS be something that is not 100% perfect and thus easy to complain about. We have to accept that and look for the positive or else we will never have anything good to think or say.