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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ode to Burney

This sweet little old lady was given to me by a dear friend, Burney Byrd. Burney is one amazing woman; and a good friend to have.

She has given me numerous yards of cloth for my quilting, enabling me a to a stash of cloth. (Quilters are supposed to have yards and yards and yards of cloth stockpiled for any quilting emergency....being cheap, I only buy what I need for a project and then I check the habitat store first.) Burney supplied 90% of the Christmas remnants I needed for this years Christmas Cards,ie....fabric postcards.

She also does ALL the decorating for her church's senior citizen luncheons each month. That means she has tablecloths and decor for every occasion.....St. Patrick's Day....4th of July....even Veteran's Day.

She also takes her dog to the local nursing home to visit the patients. This requires bathing Katie and sometimes a costume for what ever celebration they are having. If I am ever in a nursing home, I hope there is a Burney to bring a dog for me to pet!

Burney is also the 911 of choice for a nearby family who has more emergencies than the emergency room. 2 AM..... they call Burney......5 AM call her back if need be.... and she hasn't cut her phone line or changed her number yet!

One more thing....Burney was "green" before being green was cool. She will take your old magazines and recycle them to who ever would enjoy them most. There is a financially handicapped elderly lady who walks to Burney's to pick up magazines so she can have something to read. If it is a golf magazine, not to worry, Burney will find a golfer looking for a magazine. (She will also take your old clothes, shoes, etc... and give them to someone who they might fit or might like them.)

So give a shout out to Burney Byrd....!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet lady! Burney's not so bad herself--lol! It's good to have good friends.

Gabby said...

I posted the cookie jars and gave you kudos! Enjoy!