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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Okay, so Big Mama is a fun blog to read. I loved the ugly sweater contest and the Boo Mama's tour of Homes; but she has gone too far. At least twice she has mentioned her addiction to Pathwords so being the follower I mean leader that I am I went straight to the sight....well not straight to the site because you have to join Facebook to play....but I was only momentarily (okay so it took an hour) delayed by the process of joining and figuring out how to play.

Now I am a full blown addict. I think it is genetic. I love word games, Scrabble, crossword puzzles, so I was predisposed to become a pathwords junkie. After all my mother played Scrabble and did crossword puzzles.....while she was pregnant. (okay so she wasn't pregnant with me but you never know when you are adopted what kind of addictions are lurking in your jeans (I mean genes).

As a side note, I kept wondering why otherwise normal friends (that's you Dianne G. Debra, Karen, and Mel) kept inviting me to join Facebook. I mean I am 65, not 15 why would I join? Now I know....they are also game addicts.

So take my warning seriously....unless you have hours to waste (I mean spend) in improving your uh....vocabulary....don't even start.

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