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Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls Just Gotta Have Fu Un

This a a shot taken at my friend Dianne's 65 Birthday party Friday night. (She's the blond behind the flower arrangement). It was a great party and fitting tribute to a great "girl". (Note.. women are known as "girls" forever more.) They had a band, supper, video of her past, many cakes....a comedian known as "Bubba" who was terrific. It was so much fun my 9 year old granddaughter Hannah who went with me said, "Nana, that was the best birthday party I've ever been to!!"
The next day, I was off to Charleston with two college friends to visit a third college friend in the hospital. I don't think I could have laughed more that day if I had seen 12 Jim Carey movies back to back. We girls are getting funnier by the minute as we age. Just keeping up with our purses is a hilarious challenge....not to mention finding the parking lot, and the room in a huge hospital. (It helps if you get off on the right floor and don't just follow the first person who gets off the elevator).
We girls know how to make a trip to the hospital pleasant. Stop regularly for food (and potty), have lunch at a WONDERFUL Charleston restaurant, and stop to pick up pralines fresh off the stove.... oh and buy a little jewelry if you have a mind to.
So you youngsters out there reading not fear old is a fine wine, women get better with age. Make friends now (and hold on to those you got) they will be a huge blessing in your later years!

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Kimberly said...

Love this post. And its good to hear, because aging does somewhat scare me. My dad's parents have shown me that you only get old when you choose to...they are in their late 70s and grandma showed off her two new toys at Christmas: a tiny little laptop and a yellow Jeep Wrangler. Grandpa does 25 situps and pushups every morning and walks about 2 miles a day.

Thanks for stopping by and for the call for more posts! I am aiming to post much more regularly this year...we shall see.