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Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, its gone....almost gone. Our first home....the one my husband grew up in....the one he remodeled for me....the one where he carried me over the threshold...the one where we brought our first babies ......

Its been a LONG time comin'! Just ask our friends, neighbors, and family. It was a gorgeous old house when we lived there. But alas, two bedrooms, one bath, and three people living there with my parents coming for visits.... so we decided to build a new house two doors down as the crow flies.

Then we rented said house. First renters were great; no problemo. Second renters left owing us rent and leaving furniture for us to get rid of.

So....sell the house.....first owners great! Second owners a little questionable (mirrors on the twelve foot ceilings for heaven's sake) and RED SHAG CARPET throughout (definite fashion mistake) and a whole room dedicated to wife's clown collection.

Then a FIRE..... HAVE you ever seen fat lider (old pine wood) burn? Unfortunately it did not burn to the ground....just to a very ugly house.

Who would like there..... owners sell the lot to trailer trash (sorry but the word applies here) who move there rusty old trailer behind the house and use the house as their dumpster. Picture huge old house filled with empty beer bottles, trash of every description (and I do mean every).

We prayed (and I do mean prayed) they would move....oh yeah, they did get a new trailer and put the old one in front of the burned house. I mean just when you thought it couldn't get got worse, much worse.

As in they hooked in to my 93 year old mother-in-law's phone and ran a 500 foot cord to their house. Right beside the 500 foot hose that ran from her water spigot to their house.... not to mention the year they stole her outdoor Christmas tree and left a trail of ornaments directly to their door. (Smart, huh?....the police shook their heads.)

Oh, and they stole our neighbor, the doctor's, Boston Terrier. After we had all looked high and low for Molly for weeks..... Pam knocks on their door and asks if they had seen the dog....oh no...they Molly runs out from between their legs. Chutzpa....was these people's name!

Finally, on his last arrest.....(oh, I forgot to mention he had gamecock cages (with Gamecocks) for fighting them.... about 10 PM weekend nights.....pickups started arriving) any way after his LAST arrest the family had to move.....and we got our cousin who farmed the rest of the land to buy the dang place. That was five years ago and we've been waiting ever since for the house to be torn down.

Finally, January 22, 2009 a HUGE back hoe arrives; digs a hole the size of the grand canyon, and starts tearing off pieces of the house and dropping them in the hole. Hallelujah!

Now, IF they continue today.....we might finally be able to say....Home Sweet GONE!


Gabby said...

Gone yet?

Last interview in the morning, please pray!

Miss ya!

What happened to your pathwords score? It seems... stuck! What are you doing? picking your nose?

Donnamo said...

Yes, I am winning the nose picking contest and cannot let that hand go long enough to play pathwords...Sorry, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess you were more relieved than sad for this old homeplace to be gone.

I don't know what you and Gabby are talking about with the nose-picking---Is that a family hobby? You two are so silly!

Gabby said...

demented seems like a more accurate label, but I will go with silly. Oh, and it skipped a generation.

Mom is on Facebook Caroline, beware. Do not let it suck your time away!

Looking forward to seeing you Friday, Moms and Dads.

Gabby said...

Those golf balls were expensive, dang it, it is not edible that man doesn't like it!

I thought golf would be right up his alley, I knew I should have bought the cheap ones instead.

Anyway, read my post on hair.

Oh, I am so using all the cream cheese on something delightful for you and Pop this weekend, maybe a golf ball shaped cheese concoction...