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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Hair Raising Ttale

Since my daughter has seen fit to air her hair issues on international world wide webitude, I guess I will have to "woman up" and tell mine.

It all started when I was four or five and wanted bangs. Being the independent type (not to say sneaky and rebellious) I got out my like blunt scissors and cut off half my hair on one side. (Bangs are a little difficult; even for me!)

Then in Junior High I decided blonds have more fun so I stopped on my way home from school at the Five and Dime Store (yesterday's equivalent of Walmart) and bought some Nestle's Rinse.
That night I furtively applied the tiny capsule to my hair; I expected to wake up Marilyn Monroe. NOT! No hair color change at all! (False advertising wins again!)

Not completely dissuaded that blonds don't have more fun, I applied peroxide to my hair while at the beach. Results: nice orange hair. Oops!

At a later date I bought the Lady Clairol equivalent of White Lightning. More Orange hair with scabs all over my head. Had to be professionally corrected...back to scalp couldn't take any more bleach.

Still later....on the day of the Coker Homecoming dance I decide once more I will have way more fun at the dance as a blond. More White Lightening and a little less orange after a run back to the Boyd Powe for another bottle.

I stay with the blond until my wedding; deciding I don't want my wedding pictures to be of some blond my kids won't recognize.

Few years later.....I try red.....back to blonde......auburn.....then mother nature decides grey is a good color for me. I leave it alone until............

December 2008......I'm back to blond! So if Gabby has hair issues; they certainly did not come from me.


Gabby said...

Now I know the dirty little secret called my hairitage!

And I thought I had issues? I have never gone blond... or black... or red...

Anonymous said...

Ha! When Peter saw the photo of you at my wedding he studied it for a long time. "That's Mrs. Donna?" he asked. "Hmmm...that's when her hair was, um, brown."