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Monday, March 16, 2009

Death Clock

Hit Counter

Our minister has mentioned the "death clock" in his sermon at least twice. It is a website where they take your statistics and tell you when you will die (according to statistics).

When it figured my bmi at 25 I thought....not bad.....when I looked at their chart and saw I just hit the overweight category... I was not surprised.

(But not being good with numbers I first thought it said BMI 35 which is OBESE!) OMG!

Now I am very relieved to be just overweight :)

Anyway.....guess when my death date is (children prepare to have zero inheritance if this proves true) March 9.........2046.

I will be 103......that is not good news to me. I only want to live as long as I am happy and lingering in the HOME, please God.

All my 65 year old "girl friends" agree.....we will go to the same home together (probably a state run home...since the stock market tanked)

We are comforted by the fact that a friend of ours spent his entire fortune keeping his wife with Alzheimer's in the nicest home available. When the money ran out he was forced to put her in a state run home. Guess what!???? She got better care there!

Offspring, Remember put Mom in the nice home first!

Well, I'd better get busy .....37 years to go....but who is counting????


Anonymous said...

I'm going to live to be 68! Whoo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

What? No anniversary post? I want to see a wedding photo!

Happy Anniversary to two wonderful, Godly people!


Gabby said...

I just do not want to know my Death Clock. However, I am gonna to make absolutely sure you get the cheapest care possible in your old age.

How is that for following directions?

Can't wait to see you Sunday am!