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Sunday, March 22, 2009


When our kids were young we had a tradition of having Family Fun Night at our house. I remember the kids would groan when we would tell them it was time for yet another "Family Fun Night" but then they would enjoy it when the time came. I think we played Scrabble, Charades, watched movies at home together, that kind of stuff.

Well today we had family fun day. C's mother is having her 93rd b'day Tuesday. An occasion worthy of a family fun day if ever there was one.


#1 son and family came from Columbia and stayed with Birthday Granny. o I enlisted their two children to decorate the Birthday Cake. Now Granny is famous for making cakes; all kinds and all are superb. So much so, I have never attempted to compete. can't have the woman cook her own cake so I womaned up!

I saw an egg shaped cake in my Martha Stewart Simply Living Magazine (which I would never subscribe to but was given to me) and I thought.....that looks one of those fake easter eggs you can look inside. So I went on the internet and ordered the pan; and got it just in time to make a practice cake. My Bible Study gave it a thumbs up so I made one for Granny.

The rest of the fam came today with gifts and cards and hugs and kisses. Granny is delighted over all the attention; especially the hand made card from her great-grand daughter.

(Seen at the top of the blog)

All in all it was a fun day for all. The kids and I egg hunted (those very same Big Leggs eggs my kids hunted) the boys played golf, the girls played school, the littlest one, Gates, played waiter at the girls "restaurant". Oh, it all makes this Nana so very happy!

But then before you know it....good-byes are being said, cars are packed and they are all gone.

And I'm sad....they are all gone again....the house is quiet, too quiet. I sit in the yard awhile savoring the day. And then I come in and there is this sweet note on the easel from my grandson...... that brings a few tears and a smile.

Thank you God for allowing me to have children and six grandchildren. Bless them and keep them safe. Weren't those prayers they said at dinner just the sweetest? I'm so glad our family is in your family, God! I love you! Nana

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a nice day with all of your family!

Please don't think me the slacker about SS today. I came down with a stomach virus yesterday (gone now!) so I wasn't up to being there. Yes, I will be there the next two Sundays. I promise to be capable and dependable---I really do!