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Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Reads

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I want to tell you about some super books I have read lately.

My favorite was The Help by Kathryn Sackett. It is the story of a white girl growing up in Missisippi who gets the idea to tell the story of the maids who work for her family and friends during the 1960's. It is semiautobiographical and delves into the deep relationships of black maids and the white families they work for.

My second favorite was Jane Austin Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo. It tell the story of a recently divorced young woman with her PHD in English Lit. who goes to London to jump start a new life. Jane Austin fans will love this.

Right now I am in the middle of The Associate by John Grisham. I love Grisham! He does not disappoint.

I read Maeve Binchey's latest Heart and Soul last week and it is pretty good,

I started Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwall but I am just not that into blood and gore so I stopped.

I have also read Mockingbird, an autobiography of Harper Lee that I enjoyed.

Things here on the housesit are going well. We went to visit our dear friends Wave and Thea who lived next door to us at Santee during their first years of marriage. They are all grown up (in their fifties) with grown children and live now too far from here. They are now committed Christians and it is wonderful to see how the Lord has blessed them in so many ways.

They had a Golden Retriever named Jake who our family loved. Jake is in doggie heaven and they now have a Golden puppy named Tucker who is a darling bundle of fur. (Yes, I got my share of puppy breath and puppy feet while I was there.)

I am off to exercise at the local health club. I can finally stand and sit again after the Zumba class I took on Friday.

The computer here won't take my memory card so you have to wait for pictures :(


Anonymous said...

Sunday School?! I forgot all about it!

KIDDING! It went well. George sat in with us.

Glad you are getting in a lot of reading. But I have some bad news. I know John Grisham does not disappoint but he does in The Associate. Sorry! Was that too much too say?

Your housesitting vacation sounds like fun!

Donnamo said...

It is fine to disagree on a book...I do like the fact that Grisham always gets Jesus and salvation in his books.

Gabby said...

I want some time to read. I want some time to read!

Gabby said...

Connor here,
"I just read Last of the Mohicans that Popop gave me, it was bloody at times, but I liked it, guess what, no AR points because the library did not carry it. Now I am bored because I do not have any good books to read, and ideas Nana?"
Glad you are okay from the accident. Tomorrow is Poppy's birthday.
Do you miss Scout?