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Friday, March 27, 2009

Housesitting 101

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Well, we did it! We signed up for a housesit last January and we are here at the house now. For those unfamiliar with housesitting, I went to a website called "housesit" and joined ($45) after convincing my husband this would be a fun way to get a FREE vacation.

Every day after we joined I would get housesitting messages from people who were looking for someone to stay at their house while they took a vacation. Most people have a pet or two or three and some plants that need looking after. Others just want someone at their home to prevent a break in.

Every day I would scan the available sits and apply to those that seemed reasonably feasible. As in Italy, California, Hawaii, Washington, DC etc...I learned NOT to ask said husband about each one. He would ponder for days...."do I really want to go to Hawaii in April????" I quickly learned that just because one applies does not mean one gets the job. Solution= apply to everything that does not involve a mobile home, ten feet of snow, ten dogs etc...

So far two have met our criterion and theirs. This is the first. We are in Hillsborough, NC which is 15 minutes from Durham and 15 minutes from Chapel Hill and better than that it is a historic town in its own lovely right.

Our "hosts" welcomed" us to their lovely eclectic home in the woods yesterday. The house is truly one of a kind and surrounded inside and out by nature.....yummo. Lots of windows, too.

The two dogs are Maggie, a loving, sweet yellow lab of five years old; and Blue a part rat terrier/beagle they rescued out of the road a few years back. Blue is very similar in looks and temperment to our Scout. Needless to say we are already in love with these dogs :)

The cats, so far, have stayed outside; but they have a cat door to go in and out when they want (yeah, no litter box to clean).

I will keep you posted on our adventures while we are here the next 12 days so stay tuned to WDGC Donnamo for the latest.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun adventure! Can't wait to hear more about it. Enjoy your time!

Kimberly said...

Oh, that sounds delightful! I am going to go check out that site. Durham is a great area! Lots of cool little shops and restaurants. I hear Raleigh is cool, too, and I look forward to exploring there. Have fun with the doggies!