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Monday, April 20, 2009

.....And This is What I Love About the South

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For some unexplained reason the azaleas around our house have bloomed better than ever.

In the past two months we have had summer like weather in the 80's for a day or two followed by freezing temperatures the next few nights.

I was sure every bud would cascade to the ground.

But alas, we returned from Hillsborough to find.....a Spring wonderland right in our own yard.

For those of you who don't know I came to Coker and South Carolina to find.....tah dah... The Old South.......had Gone With The Wind. My sweet husband built me my very own Tara; we had rocking chairs on the veranda BUT no darkies arrived with mint juleps.

What I did find were the nicest most real people EVER! I found grits (Yummo) fried okra (I even like it stewed) Collard greens (my husband can put a hurtin' on some collards) fried Squash that will make you slap your Momma . Biscuits to die for.....I do declare....I had never even eaten a biscuit until I came that is child abuse if I ever heard of it. Or cornbread! How bad is that?

So when people make fun of the South......Frankly, my dears, with food, flowers and friends like this, I don't give a damn!


Anonymous said...

So glad you're one of those Yankees who came down south and STAYED! My daddy, too---although, being from Michigan, he insists he is a Midwesterner, not a Yankee! (I disagree).

By the way, did you know you are the one who encouraged me to read Gone With the Wind when I was a teenager? That was on one of my many visits to your Tara. It's one of my favorite books.

Gabby said...

I want to plant some, too. One day... when I get a minute. They are so pretty around the house..